The average person can jump over 6 feet from a standing position. That's more than halfway to a world record.

2022.01.25 16:32 dbc13543 The average person can jump over 6 feet from a standing position. That's more than halfway to a world record.

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2022.01.25 16:32 jossu Yellowjackets buzz Jessica Roberts / Rekha Sharma interview

Is everyone listening to the Yellowjackets buzz podcast? They've posted some interviews on youtube here's one with Jessica Roberts and it's great. Hope they can get the whole cast
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2022.01.25 16:32 FrodoSam4Ever Little Orpheus Console Announce - ESRB

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2022.01.25 16:32 tonyDuNme Ego 2022 Catalog Now Available!

Found the 2022 product catalog posted on their site - cool new details for new items I haven’t seen mentioned yet like the ‘sun shade’ (AMS1000) and ‘accessory storage’ (AMG1000) for the Z6 mowers (pg. 44)
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2022.01.25 16:32 variationoo A friend of mine who works as a chef, said I should post his storm trooper that looks like a potato here. (It's untouched btw)

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2022.01.25 16:32 Definitley_not_anna Just did it 3 times

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2022.01.25 16:32 LawofJohn So if you max out all the relics for a skill

Do you just stop getting fragments when training that skill? Like I just got that message while training theiving at pp. So now I wont be getting ANY fragments while doing pp till 99?
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2022.01.25 16:32 Wunchy1 First whittling project

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2022.01.25 16:32 AltF4111 Just noticed that the FPS display and CPS display in Lunar Client have a 1 pixel size difference.

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2022.01.25 16:32 Hijack607 The broken window from the mission Silence The Sneak is still broken in LCS, even though Claude didnt break the window until 3 years later

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2022.01.25 16:32 mstrlaw The EU Has a Plan to Fix Internet Privacy: Be More Like Apple

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2022.01.25 16:32 nips4chips What is the perfect trail mix bite?

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2022.01.25 16:32 apex-amg Top 10 most historic images. Number 7:

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2022.01.25 16:32 Dense_Entrance1386 My laptop has a virus

My laptop has a virus and itc called riohhf.exe i really need help removing it
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2022.01.25 16:32 doomedgeek In the Shadows at the Edge of the World

by Brian Maycock

I grew up in a small town where everyone knew your business.
When I was nine my dad was arrested for driving under the influence.
I found this out the next day from the kids in my class. Two of them were from cop families.
I was tormented by them afterwards. I was told my mom would be a single parent because my dad was going to jail for years and years. I was told the local tv station would be sending a news crew round my house to film the moment when the police turned up and kicked in the door and dragged my dad away.
I believed every word and burnt with shame and fear.
I hardly slept. I couldn’t eat.
My parents did not tell me anything until a few weeks after the arrest. They had not wanted to say anything to me, but when I broke down and told them what I had heard, they sat me down and explained.
In the end my dad lost his licence and was fined. It was bad, but nowhere near as horrible as the tales the bullies had been force feeding me, and I never got over it.
When I was seventeen, I wrote a letter to a girl I was desperately in love with. I’d never had a girlfriend, and was too shy to speak to her, so I agonised for weeks over what I should write and felt sick with nerves when I finally left it in the mailbox outside her family’s home.
I don’t know who got hold of it but within days there were photocopies everywhere. They were on lampposts, on the sides of buildings, the back of bus seats.
I’d see groups of people standing around reading them and laughing or making pretend puking gestures.
Things I’d written in the letter would be shouted at me in the street.
I wanted to curl up and die.
For everyone else it was just great entertainment and another swell day in a small town.
When I was twenty-one, I left.
I caught one of the buses that had been decorated with a copy of my letter and half expected to see it still there stuck to the seat.
As the bus pulled out, I vowed I would never return.
I’d fallen out badly with my parents by this stage as well. They couldn’t understand why I was so adamant to get the hell away. They told me I was naïve and would come crawling back.
I did not plan to write to them or phone or email.
I’d also already deleted my social media accounts – they were pathetic anyway – and I’d cancelled my mobile phone contract.
The past was dead to me. I had put it out its misery, and as the bus hit the interstate I was looking forward to creating a whole new me in a brand new place.
The only thing I knew for certain about the city I was heading for was that it was sprawling. Millions of people lived there.
I figured there would be internet cafes or terminals I could use in a public library to help me find a job. I would need to do this pretty damn quick as I only had a couple of hundred dollars in cash in my wallet for temporary accommodation and food.
But I was confident and I was buzzing. I had escaped!
It was dark by the time the bus pulled up at the terminus.
Feeling stiff and cold I stepped out into a deserted graffiti strewn space. The displays on the stands showed no departures till the next morning. A coffee stall was shuttered and the restroom had an out of order sign on it.
Not the best introduction to city life, I thought and headed out into the street. I looked around, hoping to spot a neon sign advertising accommodation for the night.
All I saw were rows of buildings in darkness.
I put my hands in my pockets and began to walk. It was not long before the streets widened out and high-rise buildings began to appear. I passed clothes shops and restaurants, all locked up for the night. Sirens rose and fell in the distance. An occasional person passed by, their head down.
I stopped and breathed in the cold air. I had arrived.
I raised my arms into the air and called out a triumphant, “Yes,” just as a woman brushed past me.
I hadn’t seen her appear.
And now she was walking away, after bumping ever so slightly into me.
I swore, as I realised. Checked my pocket.
It was empty. My wallet was gone.
“Hey,” I yelled. The woman didn’t look back, didn’t hesitate. She was off and running down the sidewalk.
"Police,” I called out. “I’ve been robbed.”
The street was empty and silent, apart from me cursing as I set off in pursuit.
I saw her veering off to the left, down a side street that led back in the direction of the bus station.
I increased my pace. She was quick but I was pumped with adrenaline and desperate.
Without that money I had nothing.
She turned again, behind the garage where the buses were parked up, and then onto wasteland. Twisted re-bars sprouted from concrete. Whatever had once stood here had been demolished and beyond it rows of dark buildings stretched out as far as I could see.
Fragments of glass-lined empty window-frames, and tags were scrawled over boarded up doorways.
I stumbled, almost falling as I caught my foot in a rut in the ground, spat, and carried on.
She had thirty seconds on me.
“No way you’re getting away from me,” I said under my breath.
Though of course she did.
I had reached the end of the road I had been sprinting along. It split into two. Both ways were narrow and unsurfaced and I had no idea which she had gone down.
I chose left.
After twenty minutes of heading down more dark roads with no idea where they led I had almost given up, when I got lucky.
I spotted her. The thief.
She was standing in a doorway, with a man, from his height and build. They were talking and then she handed over money - my damn money - and he gave her a small packet in return.
Drugs, I thought.
Part of me wanted to go charging in there, take what was mine and give them a piece of my mind.
The part of me that was still thinking clearly was saying, Hold back.
What if the dealer was armed? A gun or a knife, it didn’t matter. I was the one who would end up hurt.
So, I stayed put and watched and waited.
A few minutes later, she moved off. The dealer lingered, talking into his mobile, then he slipped away in a different direction.
I was free to resume my pursuit.
I ran in the direction the woman had gone and just caught sight of her as she went into a building, slipping through a gap on one side of a sheet of plywood nailed against a doorway.
Got you, I thought and followed.
I squeezed through the gap and into a vast open space. She was a dozen feet away from me. Just standing there, brazen as you like.
I was about to lose it, begin screaming at her, when I realised with a start that there was a man sitting in a wooden chair by the opening. His face was turned towards me. Where his eyes should have been, were dark, empty sockets.
I was breathless from the chase, and when I spoke each word was caught within a gasp. “Who are you?”
“Why, I’m the doorman of this fine establishment,” he replied without missing a beat.
“The, what!” I exclaimed.
“The person who decides who can stay and who will be asked to leave.”
As he said this, the woman came closer. Before I’d only made out an outline but could now see that she was young, around my age. Strands of long hair had escaped from a woollen hat and her clothes were torn and dirty.
She put a hand on the eyeless man’s shoulder and said, “What do you think?”
“He sounds like he belongs here,” the eyeless man replied.
“I don’t,” I snapped. “I’m not scum, living rough.”
“What exactly is your home address then, son?” the eyeless man asked.
“I’m…” I began.
A smile spread across the eyeless man’s face. “You can stay here tonight. There’s a little food we can share, shelter and company. And we won’t take insult if you move on in the morning.”
"No," I said, "I just want what’s mine. If she’s spent all my money on drugs then I’ll take those. Sell them on, to at least get something back.” I glared at the woman. The thief.
She did not flinch. She looked me in the eye and said, “Let me show you who the drugs are for first.”
Then she turned and walked away, into the gloom that stretched out all around us.
I followed reluctantly.
As she led me through the space, we passed people sitting huddled together on the floor. There were men and women, young and old. And children.
All were emaciated and dressed in filthy clothes.
I was shocked by this and when I became aware the thief was looking at me I glanced away. I did not want her to see how out of my depth I was.
I’d never seen anything like this before.
“Scum, living rough.”
I looked up at her words, muttered, “What?”
She answered in a calm voice: “That’s how you described us.”
I said, “I didn’t.. for people to… live like this…” My words trailed off, I didn’t know what else to say.
She finished for me: “… they must be pretty desperate.”
I shrugged. “I guess.”
She kept her eyes fixed on me as we walked by another group. A man lay curled up, sleeping. A woman sat with a baby at her breast. The blanket wrapped around it was smeared with faeces.
I looked away, disgusted, and immediately hated myself for it.
She saw me doing this then said in a quiet voice, “There’s no jobs, no benefits, no healthcare for some people. So, they simply fall through the cracks of society and they end up here.”
“Is that what happened to that man, the doorman? Because he has no eyes?” I asked.
She looked rueful when she replied: “He fell a long time ago, while he was still sighted. Twelve months ago he sold his eyes to a clinic operating outside the law for money in his palm.”
“That’s horrific,” I said.
“That’s economics,” she replied. Then she stopped next to a pile of rags on the floor and when she spoke again it was in a whisper. “She drifts in and out, but when she is conscious, the pain is unbearable. This is why I stole from you. This is why I needed the drugs.”
She knelt by the rags, lifted a corner.
My God, I realised, it was a person.
A woman’s face was revealed. Her skin was lined and stretched taut over protruding bones. Her eyes flickered and a painfully thin hand and wrist appeared out of the folds of the rags and reached slowly for the thief’s face.
Who was blinking back tears. “My mother,” she said. “The cancer is in her bones and she’s had no treatment, no care, except for what I can scavenge and steal.”
She took out the packet she had bought from the dealer, opened it and placed her forefinger inside. When she withdrew it her finger was coated with a fine, pale coloured powder.
Gently, lovingly, she placed her finger in her mother’s mouth and began to rub the powder onto her gums.
Tears clouded the old woman's eyes and then they closed and she began to snore gently.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “How long does she have left?”
The thief did not look up when she replied: “Too long.”
She was silent then and I could not think of anything else to say. As I stood there and my eyes continued to adjust to the gloom I noticed there were others there. They were pressed against the walls, held in the shadows. I could make out no details, only that they were slender shapes, clothed in rags.
“This is Hell,” I said.
It just came out. I didn’t mean for it to.
“It is,” she said. “But it is our Hell. Our home.”
“I’m sorry,” I said again. I had nothing else. Apart from to say: “And I’m glad that you pickpocketed me. If it helps ease your mother’s pain from a few hours.”
She smiled sadly at this and the silence settled back into place.
Until the crack, the sound of wood splintering rushed towards us. Then a man’s voice calling out in pain.
“What’s happening?” I asked - but she was ignoring me, running towards the noise.
I hurried after her.
The disturbance was over by the makeshift entrance. As I came alongside her I was horrified to see that the wood covering the door had been broken and that the doorman lay on the ground. Blood pooled around his head.
Standing in a line behind him were six men. They were dressed in expensive looking suits and tan, cashmere coats. They were grinning.
Smiles I remembered the bullies in my home town wore.
Only I could tell these men were worse. Much worse.
One of them was wiping blood from his knuckles. He finished and looked at us.
“You seem pretty lively, so perhaps you can explain to your pals what is happening here. This land is ripe for development see, and my client wishes to purchase it. But first, we need to clear the trash. You need to leave and leave now.”
His speech delivered, he nodded at the other men and they began to advance on us.
I turned to the thief. “We need to get everyone out of here, before anyone else is hurt.”
She shook her head. Her eyes blazed with anger. “No. The world has taken everything else from us. This is ours and we will not give it up.”
“We…” I began to argue, but she reached out and took my hand in hers, then started to back slowly away.
I was scared and confused and let her lead me, back into the building, into the gloom.
The men, sneering, laughing, making obscene remarks about the thief, about what they would like to do to her, kept pace with us.
We passed the pathetic huddled figures. The men spat on them, told them to, “Move it!” Called them, “Filth.” Called them, “Dirty whores and junkies.”
And all the while the thief kept walking. She said nothing.
We were coming closer to where her mother lay. To where the edge of the world was a place of shadows inhabited by slender figures clothed in rags.
The thief stopped, let go of my hand.
“Here,” she said quietly.
This brought a fresh wave of obscenities from the men.
“What are you going to do bitch?”
“Go down on your knees?”
One of them raised his fist and stepped rapidly towards her.
She spoke again, said simply, “Now.”
They moved slowly, the things which emerged from the shadows. They moved silently.
Their rags were dark, flowing shapes, and inside the rags something inhuman was contained.
I blinked, wiped my eyes. Did not understand what I was seeing.
The figures in the rags had no skin, no flesh. No eyes. They were bone. Teeth fixed into jaws set into skulls were chattering.
Fingerbones were reaching out and grasping the men. Skeletal hands were clamping around the necks of the men and choking.
The men began to scream and thrash around.
I stood and watched, paralysed by fear.
“What are they?” I managed to say.
The thief replied, “Some people would call them Wraiths. The spirits of those who suffered great injustices while they were alive. But who will take no more, now they are dead.”
Held in the grip of the inhuman things, the men began to collapse and pass out.
The thief raised her hand. “Enough,” she said.
The inhuman things let go and slowly made their way back into the shadows.
As they did so, some of the men and women who had been huddled together nearby approached. They methodically stripped the men of their fine clothes, their watches and their wallets and then dragged them unceremoniously back towards the broken open door.
The thief watched.
“Ours,” she said again. “They will not take it from us.” A smile flickered momentarily on her face, and then a harsh, racking cough made her whirl round.
“Mother,” she cried out and ran to her.
I joined her and knelt on the ground, asked if there was anything I could do.
“No,” she said. “I think it is her time.”
Her mother’s chest was rising and falling in sharp, desperate motions. Each breath was a battle, each moment clearly an agony.
And then she became still and the thief’s whole body shook as she wept and stroked her mother’s hair and told her that she loved her.
A skeletal figure draped in torn, filthy clothes now stood over the thief and her mother’s body.
A new-born Wraith, I thought. One more vengeful creature.
As I watched, it retreated into the shadows at the edge of the world and took its place among its ragged kin.
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2022.01.25 16:32 ViggieBiggie Regice on me: 7797 8491 0416

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2022.01.25 16:32 Zealousideal-Ear4381 Snapchat hacking he's legit he legit helped me out my dude deadass hit em up

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2022.01.25 16:32 ecky--ptang-zooboing How to get your new tokens in your wallet (Metamask and Trustwallet) [VIDEO]

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2022.01.25 16:32 HaydenandWilder Got the sunflower 🌻 going back for color on the 12th. Any suggestions or options y’all have, I’d love to take in with me when I go!

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2022.01.25 16:32 bakkalci S4S After 2-10Minutes Watch
I will return same ASAP I have notifications on at my Mobile
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2022.01.25 16:32 newIrons Alloy output at 0

I'm doing pretty well on my current run but am having a little trouble on one of my habitats. I have an alloy foundry and two industrial districts on the habitat, but the alloy production is still 0. I checked the population, and all the jobs are filled. Does anybody know what could be causing this?
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2022.01.25 16:32 ABadPassword Complete 2 Games in a Party Challenge.

I have this challenge and no friends who play this game. I'd use my re-roll, but already put it towards 2K sniper damage since I. DONT. FUCKING. SNIPE.
If anyone finds them self sympathetic to my plight, then message: A Bad Password on XBL, and together, we can complete our daily challenge.
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