Is there a YouTube video or an audiobook equivalent that summarises the story in the manga?

2021.11.29 17:01 SmokeStackLight1ng Is there a YouTube video or an audiobook equivalent that summarises the story in the manga?

I loved the anime but I'm sure it misses many points of the main story. I love a short and final anime, like cowboy bebop and fma brotherhood that genuinely ends the story properly, but only 13 episodes with such lovable characters is almost a crime. Not really into reading manga in general, so are there any videos or audiobooks that anyone here might recommend that cover the manga?
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2021.11.29 17:01 MasterChiefDontSimp 18M yo any of my brahs here to give advice on gym or just talk

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2021.11.29 17:01 House3478 How do you handle text and email sales

I'm just looking for advice I get week old web leads from people who got pricing on our internet, tv and home phone services. I get them after a group with higher quota people tries them, I always email then a hour later text, then later on call. I do ok on them about 15% close rate on them. I'm just trying to Improve I always hit within my quota but I get paid more to get more sales and I want that. I always use people's names in email and text I get ghosted 85% of the time I send follow up text and emails next day as well. How soon after follow up text and emails do you guys try again. Any advice would be awesome thanks
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2021.11.29 17:01 itshimstarwarrior I am on my way to candy land!

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2021.11.29 17:01 kerdon This bit from Shadow of Self's Ars Arcanum is very pertinent to the Radiants.

Someone made a post recently asking about something along these lines. I just finished SoS and read this bit at the end of the Arcanum.
It is possible on Scadrial to be born with ability to access both Allomancy and Feruchemy. This has been of specific interest to me lately, as the mixing of different types of Investiture has curious effects. One needs look only at what has happened on Roshar to find this manifested—two powers, combined, often have an almost chemical reaction. Instead of getting out exactly what you put in, you get something new. On Scadrial, someone with one Allomantic power and one Feruchemical power is called “Twinborn.” The effects here are more subtle than they are when mixing Surges on Roshar, but I am convinced that each unique combination also creates something distinctive. Not just two powers, you could say, but two powers … and an effect. This demands further study.
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2021.11.29 17:01 blue_forever F1 esports

Do you guys follow f1 esports and if so, who is your favorite, and also what are your comments on this season?
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2021.11.29 17:01 LiveTeacher7600 IWFTR

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2021.11.29 17:01 johnrock001 Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girl Characters - Kawaii Anime Girl

Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girl Characters - Kawaii Anime Girl -
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2021.11.29 17:01 Tex-Rob Have y'all played the new mode? Freeroam car collector with an invisible car race at the end?

What is going on with Eliminator? When is it going to be fixed?
I hadn't been letting it slide, but now people are starting to be dicks in the absence of available gameplay. People are intentionally interfering with the few people who can race, people are trying to push others out of bounds (not a big deal, but I've had some real backstabby type moments). I don't blame the players really, people are bored. I'm writing this from one that is going on an hour because it's a ghost town for I assume everyone.
Fix this crap! You're lack of fixing it is leading to "emergent gameplay" of bad behavior.
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2021.11.29 17:01 Present-Agency-9596 Has anyone else seen Wakko's wish

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2021.11.29 17:01 R-editor01 Hello! if you have time can you upvote this post. i upvote all comments.Thanks!

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2021.11.29 17:01 Necessary-Tank198 Announcing strategic partnership Spartacus DAO🙌 Spartacus_Fi DAO is the fastest growing, community based treasury reserve protocols on Fantom. $SPA token is currently backed by its $69M treasury assets.

Announcing strategic partnership Spartacus DAO🙌 Spartacus_Fi DAO is the fastest growing, community based treasury reserve protocols on Fantom. $SPA token is currently backed by its $69M treasury assets. submitted by Necessary-Tank198 to CryptoCurrencyClassic [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:01 Underpaid_Beetle Have you heard of the rapper “Sematary”?

View Poll
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2021.11.29 17:01 All_World_ 8j5Qoi4 Bonus code $90 free cash Bingo Clash Pocket 7 Games

8j5Qoi4 Bonus code $90 free cash Bingo Clash Pocket 7 Games
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2021.11.29 17:01 Equivalent_Photo7381 [USA-TX] [H] ZOTAC RTX 3060 [W] TRADE FOR 1080 Ti OR AMD CARD EQUIVALENT

Kinda looking for a 6600 XT or a 1080 Ti. Located west Texas.
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2021.11.29 17:01 ITrulyLoveVaginas Redditors of reddit, what's your biggest complaint about the opposite sex?

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2021.11.29 17:01 cypriumnews South Cyprus to tighten entry measures and at crossings South Cyprus Health Minister Michalis Ha... #AdaPass #coronavaccine #Coronavirus #Coronaviruspandemic #covid19vaccine #covid19vaccines #Covid19 #Covid19PillVaccine #Covid19Vaccination #Cyprus #CyprusProblem #EuropeanUnion #GreekCypriots #Nor...

South Cyprus to tighten entry measures and at crossings South Cyprus Health Minister Michalis Ha... #AdaPass #coronavaccine #Coronavirus #Coronaviruspandemic #covid19vaccine #covid19vaccines #Covid19 #Covid19PillVaccine #Covid19Vaccination #Cyprus #CyprusProblem #EuropeanUnion #GreekCypriots #Nor... submitted by cypriumnews to CypriumNews [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:01 Jeugcurt Best gun smith/store for glock modifications.

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2021.11.29 17:01 snackpit Well it's been nice knowing you guys

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2021.11.29 17:01 UselessAltThing I no longer have genitalia. I'm feeling very euphoric, but I'm also in physical pain.

Hey. I am a nineteen year old agender person. I've been trying to get my genitals removed for a long time (like a really long time) and now they're finally gone.
I had so much anxiety about this, but now it's all gone. I am here, I am a human beig, and I don't have any genitalia. Now that it's finally what my body is like, I'm honestly really happy about it.
Having a vagina was actively painful for me. Doing anything where I was aweare of my genitals cause me to become extreamly upset. And now I'll never have to feel that way again. I'll still have dysphoria of course, but I'm never going to be feeling that constant pain of having a part of my body that makes me feel humiliated.
I've been healing for the past few weeks. Actually I am healing, but I'm finally not bandaged. And I can do more stuff now. Healing was painful at first, like, a lot a physical pain. But it's nice being able to just lay down all day sometimes, especailly once I was back in my apartment. Having my girlfreind take care of me is hot in a weird sexy way. And I got to read through the entire dune saga, and rewatch all of avatar. And having no appitate has made weight lose easier, though then again I've been able to see my own ribs for years.
I still don't picture myself as being sexless down there. I have genitals in my dreams, I often forget that I don't have genitals. Hell, before I was as healed as I am now I wasn't even really able to comprhend the fact that I didn't have anything down there anymore.
I feel so euphoric living in my new body. It feels so great and perfect to not have those parts, just seeing and feeling that they aren't there anymore makes me happy in a way that I can't fully describe. It's like I had a wound my entire life, and now it's finally healing. Or like I've been wearing a coat when it's too hot, and I've finally taken it off after ninteen years. Like, I feel so much more free and confident this way, like this was the body I was always meant to have and now I finally have it. Like, sometimes I'll remember that my genitals are gone and I'll just become happy. I don't feel like my body is female anymore, I feel like I'm finally myself.
I've finally been able to see it. I had bandages on for awhile, then tired to remove then, then had to put them back on, then finally hot to remove my badages earilyr today. Seeing myself with no genitals, like actually looking at it and being able to more clearly feel that there's nothing down there, makes me so happy in an indescribable way. It looks so good to me, even though it's not fully healed so for most people it would look pretty ghastly, but it's so much better then what I had before. Touching it however... is going to have to wait. Though still, from the perspective of sensation I didn't aticipate how diffrent my body would feel, espeically as I heal more, it just feels so alien and different, having entirely new anatomy down there... It's weird but like in an exciting way.
Sadly I can't mastubate or anything yet. Someday I'll be able to get off just from rubbing my smooth skin, but for now trying to rub it would be extreamly painful. It's hard getting horny and not being able to touch myself, and it's weird (but happy) to get flush and exicted but not having any genitals to become aroused. At least I'm able to touch my grilfreind, she's heterosexual so she's pretty happy that I don't have a vagina anymore.
There's part of my brain that's actually very disturbed by all of this, part of my brain that think's this is horrific. Sometimes I'll think of myself as some sort of horrific freak for being happy about all of this, or thinking that from an objective standard I'm mutilated and disfigured, and that I'm a pervert for likeing it. Part of me doesn't feel human, it's disturbing to think that almost everyone I has a gender, and I don't. Being genderless and genitaless just makes me feel so alone and alien sometimes.
At least I live in Manhattan where everyone is outwardly accepting. But then again, there's a lot of people that will use my pronouns but then refuse to treat me like a human. I don't think everyone who accepts me as agender will accept me as having been nullified. Actually, I've told people, and it disturbed a lot more of my freinds then I thought...
Does anyone have any advice for all of this? I'm so young, and so small...
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2021.11.29 17:01 Cool_Alps_3393 Covid PCR Test

Hi all. I am not sure about the time validity of the PCR test. Will it be 72 hours after the sample is taken? Or 72 hours after i board the flight? The thing is im flying from South América and most flights are 35-55 hours on average.
Thank you
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2021.11.29 17:01 Bot-alex Brook House: Naked detainee 'mocked and humiliated by staff'

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2021.11.29 17:01 Ace_TrainerJuan how do you pronounce the name Geoff/Geoffrey

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2021.11.29 17:01 wetwilliamd Full SW re-watch. Do you go chronological or release order?

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2021.11.29 17:01 HawkEye1000x As of today, Monday (November 29th, 2021), I have never seen more headlines announcing the adoption of Green Hydrogen. The entire world is realizing that Green Hydrogen is the “Fuel of the Future” ✅ … And, Plug Power will capture its fair share of this booming market!

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I like the upside in $PLUG as the entire world embraces Green Hydrogen Revolution! 🌎
This is just ”The Beginning” of the Green Hydrogen Revolution!
GO BIG Worldwide 🌎 —> GO $PLUG 100x 📈 —> Let’s Roll !!!
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