What's the most dignified joke you've ever heard?

The word "corgi" translates to "dwarf dog" in Welsh, which is basically what they are. Most corgis stand between 10 and 12 inches tall and weight between 23 and 28 pounds. And if you've ever spent any time around a corgi, you'll know their short statures are part of what makes them so incredibly endearing. 2. Last year, it was the dots. This year, FOX’s player illustrations are the breakout feature of the NFL season. If you’ve watched an NFL game recently, you’ve definitely noticed these ... A Different Kind of Revival (4.73): New experiences years after the nude play. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/11/21: A Family Reunion (4.80): A brother and sister discover each other on July 4. The ballet, with its familiar Tchaikovsky score, is the most lucrative and most-seen live dance production in the country. Its second act is a series of “ethnic” dances that take place in a dream candyland. In 2008, I, a white New England teenager, was cast as “Arabian Coffee” in a production of The Nutcracker. I wore turquoise harem ... Asahel (Hebrew: עשהאל ‎, Ancient Greek: ‘Ασαέλ, Latin Asael) was the youngest son of Zeruiah. The name means 'made by God.' Asahel was the nephew of King David, as well as the younger brother of both Joab, David's general, and of Abishai.Asahel is mentioned in 2 Samuel Chapters 2 and 3.. Additionally, the name Asahel (under a variant spelling) appears in Aramaic in the Book of Enoch. I wouldn't mind having it with a meal," Lady Stark said before bringing the mug back up to her mouth to take a more dignified sip. Of course it's the two native Northerners that like the taste. "Feels like I just sucked the cock of a campfire," Lord von Carstein said. Well, now that you’ve warned me, I’m sure I’ll be able to prevent this thing from happening. And of course, I will advocate against an airstrike, as a thank you. After all, we’re both glad to have a healthy competition with each other.” Irene let out a small friendly chuckle. The vast majority in this group give up before finishing ½ of the joke, and scroll to the end. People in the first group, who read the entire joke, tend to enjoy the journey of life, and take their time as they move towards a goal.

2021.11.29 18:04 fonwiomfweoiv What's the most dignified joke you've ever heard?

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2021.11.29 18:04 svanapps Shiba Inu Land Coin | Just Launched | Bonuses | Hidden Treasures | Huge Potential Massive Marketing | Liquidity Locked for 1 Year | CG AND CMC SOON!!!

Shiba Inu Land Coin | Just Launched | Bonuses | Hidden Treasures | Huge Potential Massive Marketing | Liquidity Locked for 1 Year | CG AND CMC SOON!!!

“Welcome, bro! Your dream vacation starts now!”

🏝Shiba Inu Land is an NFT-based game combining chill vibes with massive financial potential.🔥 A Binance Smart Chain token with a fixed supply utilizes all the best practices of meme coins and beyond. Blockchain technology enables Shiba Inu Land to provide unlimited opportunities to grow and evolve. 🚀

Shibas have worked hard and time has come to party hard! 🥳Vacation destination: Shiba Inu Land! - an NFT-based game designed to provide Shibas with leisure, adventure, gains, and treats that one can dream of.

Launch the game and explore the paradise land of Hidden Treasures, a Bonus Machine, an NFT Marketplace, and exciting game scenarios.

🔸️Fair Launch
🔸️Regular VC
🔸️Listing on CG and CMC
🔸️Top Influencers On Board
🔸️NYC Times Square Billboard
🔸️NFT Game

🗿To bring the game to the real world: to acquire and accommodate a real island where the citizenship will be given to the Shiba Inu Land holders and those who have even a single Shiba Inu in the family.😎 The citizens will enjoy the tax-free system as all the economic activities on the island will be conducted in cryptocurrency.🔥

🥳The Bonus Machine rewards the Islanders/holders with the bonuses in the BUSD in accordance with the amount of the tokens purchased.🚀🚀

📊Token Distribution
Total supply: 50,000
🔸️3% - Team
🔸️30% - Burnt
🔸️67% - Liquidity Pool

We charge 12% of every transaction
🔸️5% - BUSD rewards to holders
🔸️5% - Buyback and Liquidity Pool
🔸️2% - Marketing & Development

😎A dedicated team of experienced devs, marketers, and graphic designers working tirelessly to make the Shiba Inu Land a paradise for the holders.

Get hold of Shiba Inu Land token! Become an Islander! Have your cocktail! Lay back and get comfy while expanding Shiba Inu Land and boosting your wallet!

WEBSITE: www.shibainuland.com
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ShibaInuLand
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2021.11.29 18:04 SkepticDrinker Why are young people being blamed for not having kids?

We can't support ourselves individually how in the world would adding a baby into the mix solve our problems? But every article I read it's "millennials causing a baby bust" well I'm sorry but having a kid would put me in $10k in debt once the baby pops out
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2021.11.29 18:04 Sniper_boi9371 H:literally my whole stash W:offers

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2021.11.29 18:04 travelrunner Multiple collapsed vertebrae in 4 months span but stage 1 MM

Similar stories requested in comments (good and bad).
My mom was diagnosed a few months ago and in the span of ~4 months went from playing tennis and walking multiple miles daily to having 6 collapsed vertebrae, shrinking a couple of inches, and hardly being able to eat because her organs are all being compressed/pushed forward due to her loss of height, so being even slightly full of food puts so much pressure on her ribs that it becomes painful. She can’t get the vertebrae fused together because there are too many collapsed ones. She’s been doing infusions and chemo pills and will be doing a stem cell therapy in January. She’s 69 years old and is otherwise super healthy, active, eats organic and healthy, is super social and happy, etc. I’m worried the transplant will make her so weak that she’ll never recover from it. I’m encouraging her to speak to a nutritionist ASAP. In terms of her cancer, she’s stage 1 and the doctors don’t seem THAT concerned. But the damage she’s done to her spine is the scariest part to me. I worry that if she doesn’t slow down and stop trying to lift and play with her grandchildren that she’ll be in a wheelchair before we know it and the damage won’t be fixable. If anyone can provide words of advice, stories similar situations (even ones that don’t have good outcomes), or anything helpful I’d appreciate it. I just want to know what lies ahead of us.
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2021.11.29 18:04 EastWestman Morning Prayers

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2021.11.29 18:04 bugingojose Romantic Holidays in Kenya -Exclusive Kenya Honeymoon Safaris

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2021.11.29 18:04 jessie_kitti What is your most embarrassing memory that makes you cringe when you think about it?

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2021.11.29 18:04 titos78 Interior Secretary Deb Haaland: The Difference an Indigenous Leader Makes

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2021.11.29 18:04 marti09 Farm Sanquine Hoard Quiver

Hey everyone,
Quick question: Im currently farming Fall of the Outcasts for the Sanquine Hoard quiver but no luck as of yet. What is the best approach? Just keep farming? Corruption is only at 14 and im level 68. Do I just keep farming specific echo's or the quests? Thanks in advance
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2021.11.29 18:04 anonreddituser78 Any Hope? I noticed this spot when I got home from work.

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2021.11.29 18:04 Chexse Hexacomb Season 2 [SMP] {1.18} {Semi-Vanilla} {Community-Driven} {Java} {Active} {18+}

Welcome To Hexacomb SMP
About us: We're a community that welcomes a diversified population of players. Our community is a safe place for all people who are capable of following our rules & guidelines. Before applying to Hexacomb we simply ask that you meet our age requirements. We are generally an 18+ community, however we welcome those who are aged 16 & 17 respectively. If you decide to apply, and are under the 18+ age gate, we must see a level of maturity & understanding of our rules in your application. At the bare minimum we expect all members to have respect for others on the server. To add to that, we expect our members to have common sense when interacting on the server.
Hexacomb Season 2 will be launching shortly after the 1.18 caves & cliffs update. During this update process, we will be switching the server from paper to fabric. Fabric has many different configurations that we can set up in order to avoid many of the small datapacks and plugins that we had in the past. Going into season 2 we plan on having a barebones vanilla-like server. As stated above, our server is community driven. This means that the collective majority of our players can drive the server in any direction they'd like to. Thus far, we as a community have decided that Hexacomb Season 2 will feature Nations. This does not mean that we will have towny, nations, or faction plugins. We will instead be promoting avenues of roleplay, where players can setup their own settlements with shopping districts, governments, & whatever they desire. With that being said, you are without a doubt allowed to play however you like. You can take on the world of Hexacomb solo, or with friends. You can create stories, lore, and fill the world with amazing builds & creations. It goes without saying that Hexacomb is a place where you can play however you'd like to play. The oppurtunities are endless in this sandbox game. Get creative, have fun, and most importantly come make new friends on Hexacomb SMP.
As we go through the transition to Season 2, plugins & server features will be at their bare minimum. As of now Hexacomb will be a vanilla server running on Fabric. We anticipate bringing back several of our core features & Plugins listed below.
Features: - Diamond Based Economy - Diamonds are the base for our economy - Free Economy - Can operate a General store, sell anything you'd like at any price - 8,000 x 8,000 world border that will grow as necessary - Future access to the Seed - Adapting based off our Community's Feedback - World created alongside Caves & Cliffs part II - Extremely active Staff Team - Self Promotion Channel for content creators - Use of Alt accounts and Cam accounts is allowed under staff guidelines - Nations - group up, recruit citizens, build cities, and run your nation however you'd like.
Plugins/Mods - Proximity Voice Chat - Starlight - Carpet - Krypton - Ledger (Protection Plugin) - Armor Stand Editor - Player Roles - One Player Sleep - Universal Graves - Chat in Game via Discord - Mini Blocks
More about us: - We have a suggestions channel in our discord where you can suggest any additions to our server features, mods, and plugins lists. Server members can vote on whether or not they'd like to see the suggestion implemented. If you do not want your suggestions and feedback to be public, that's totally fine! We have an anonymous feedback form where you can reach out to us at anytime.

Server Rules 1: Must be 18 years or older to play on Hexacomb. 2: Do not advertise other Minecraft Servers on any Hexacomb platform. 3: No Hacking, use of Hacked Clients or X-raying via program or texture pack. 4: We have a strict Zero tolerance policy against theft, grief, and damage to player built structures. 5: Do not take anything out of a storage container; unless there is a sign stating its free or a price tag. 6: Do not excessively spam in discord; or in-game. 7: Treat other community members with respect. Any threats, harrasments, or hate speech toward others will be met with a swift ban. 8: Do not use someone else's items without their consent. 9: Do not build on someone else's land. Treat your neighbors like you would in real life! 10: Do not be disrespectful towards staff members; they are working so you can play. This includes lying to staff. 11: Do not touch any items belonging to an inactive or banned player unless told to. 12: PVP is generally up to the consent of both parties. Tread Carefully in PvP Zones. 13: Low effort builds can be subject to demolition after 1 month of inactivity. 14: Public discord messages regarding a player leaving the discord or being banned will be deleted without response. Open a ticket. 15: Your discord name must closely match or resemble your in-game-name. The name police will be called on you if not! 16: If you need any elaboration on our rules, open a ticket or get in contact with a staff member and just ask!
Sneak Peek: https://imgur.com/a/47SJTlm
Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/ApjaXRjNaa
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2021.11.29 18:04 ResidentSuperfly Is PROG still being held?

As per title, how are people's feelings on PROG? Are we still holding?
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2021.11.29 18:04 Embarrassed_Data_302 [searching]

Lost my old account now th 6 in silver need an active clan that participates in war
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2021.11.29 18:04 TrueSpins Has anyone used Unstoppable Domains or other blockchain based domain name solution?

I've been intrigued by blockchain based domain names for a while now, having spent many years trading traditional domains on the side. I also like the idea of having a user-friendly address I could use for crypto payments.
But has anyone here actually used a .crypto, .eth, .wallet domain?
Obviously, they're very niche products at the moment, but I am somewhat concerned about the longevity of these new domains. All it would take it for ICANN to authorize new GTLD versions, and these blockchain based ones would be dead in the water.
The success of these non-standard domains also depends a lot on whether popular crypto wallets and software start to recognise them and allow integration. I think it's happened a bit over the last couple of years, but it seems like slow progress.
So what's the view? Worth taking seriously? Or a fad?
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2021.11.29 18:04 armeg Jinx has no belly button 🤔

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2021.11.29 18:04 Apprehensive_Log2968 $COMET non-dev update!

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2021.11.29 18:04 beearaydee Simple app (Mac or iPad) to build video playlist, loop each video until you skip to the next one?

Hi all–
I've got a last minute task that just fell in my lap, and after a few days of searching, I still can't find an answer, so as a hail mary I thought I'd throw it out to the Reddit community.
A band is playing a live show. They have several custom 30 second videos that they want looped while they play, one video for each song. They want to be able to set up a playlist that matches their setlist, have each video looped on repeat until they (a band member on stage) move to the next video.
Choices for device is either a MBP or iPad. Ideally, you could trigger the move to the next song with a simple keystroke or possibly a remote (Apple TV remote or something).
I've been looking for a simple app that will allow you to build a video playlist, play a video on repeat until you skip to the next track, and I can't find one that will do just that without being overly complicated (QLab) or too simple (VLC).
Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance, I'm under a deadline and want to deliver something cool.
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2021.11.29 18:04 4theloveofcookbooks Cookbook Holiday Gift Recommendations?

I have an Instagram where I cook my way cover to cover through cookbooks. What can I say, it’s a weird hobby. Anyway, one of the side effects of having said hobby is that lots of people are asking me for gift recommendations of cookbooks to give to their friends and family for the holidays.
I’m looking for suggestions of your absolutely favorite cookbooks you've ever received as a gift that you actually use!
(And shameless plug…my Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/fortheloveofcookbooks/ )
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2021.11.29 18:04 Delirium12 Fistula really acting up or?

Hello guys,
I am a person who has had a suspected fistula since this February. Here in the last week, I have had significant worsening in pain around my rectum and anus and the area between my anus and penis. This happens when I move, sit etc.
This is not something i have had before, and I also have have developed like a swelling skin on my left inner cheeks, it can hurt / swell / burn when I go to the bathroom but also randomly or when I walk.
I am trying to use some salivas that soothes that area, but doesn't seem to work well.
Now in order to gain a better understanding of my overall case, I will offer a more in-depth explaination of my case.
Medical context:
Age: 27 Kg: 60sh From Copenhagen

Hi guys,
Sorry for long post, but to provide with some context, I had a bad appendicitis taken out in October, and prior to that I was sick for two weeks. After it was taken out, I felt good, but I did had some hard stools post OP, which meant that sometimes I had a lot of pain in my rectum area. That eventually became better as time went by.
In February, I noticed something strange when I was going to the bathroom. The stool felt different when it was exiting. Some time after, I realized the stool wasn't exiting the anus like it normally does, it was exiting differently. And yes indeed it turned out that I had like a new anus exit in my rectum (the skin between my cheeks ).
To my surprise, it wasn't like it was painful or anything. It just felt like my stool was exiting the new hole which was smaller than the normal anus, which also meant that i am not emptying myself entirely and since then have an increased tendency to get partially constipated and bloated.
I called the doctor and got an appointment, and the doctor spread my cheeks and looked and was like: "Yeah, I can see that."
I then got sent to the hospital weeks after, and the surgeon tried to stick the finger in to see if he could feel it, and he couldn't. I was then sent to another hospital, and there I told them, I had family that had IBD. Now it needs to be said, that they did not find any Crohn's injury to my appendicitis, and my blood test has been completely normal since then. However, just to be sure they decided to send me to a colonoscopy + an special MRI scan, where they gonna follow my stool around. They also did an anoscopy on me and found nothing really, which is frustrating.
I decided to get the colonoscopy at the first hospital , and they found absolutely nothing. They also took biopsies, and they showed nothing
I am still waiting on my scan, and in that time I have had increased irritation around the skin in my anus etc. I have no blood in my stool.
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2021.11.29 18:04 Bitkidscoin21 Best coin to invest currently during pre sale from www.bitkidscoin.com #cryptocurrency #blockchain #crypto #price #trading #currency #marketing #mining #newcryptocurrency #airdrop #bitkidscoin Hit the website’s link for more information: www.bitkidscoin.com

Best coin to invest currently during pre sale from www.bitkidscoin.com #cryptocurrency #blockchain #crypto #price #trading #currency #marketing #mining #newcryptocurrency #airdrop #bitkidscoin Hit the website’s link for more information: www.bitkidscoin.com submitted by Bitkidscoin21 to BitkdsCoin [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 18:04 _TheRealZero Hello, I'm newbie and I need help with DynamoDB and Lambda.. I watched some videos, read some documentation but things are still unclear for me.. I want to write a simple Lambda function.

So, I want to write a Lambda function which automatically reads any changes in database and posts their values in console..
Would love to get a little help
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2021.11.29 18:04 armadillo552 Where can I watch old seasons of Big Brother

for free preferably lol
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2021.11.29 18:04 smmedianews Valve isn't working on Half-Life 3 since it's concentrating on Steam Deck games

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2021.11.29 18:04 OPCMG [FREE] Pierre Bourne x Playboi Carti Type Beat 2022 "CATCH ME" | Free Young Nudy Type Beats

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