Sign up using WIX free plan for target affiliate program

2021.10.26 23:53 ZeroWing77 Sign up using WIX free plan for target affiliate program

I have the Wix free plan with no custom domain. Is it possible to sign up to the target affiliate program using the Wix free plan?
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2021.10.26 23:53 FloydMCD Google Stadia enables streaming features for Gamers

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2021.10.26 23:53 ShanghaiBaller How long can an American realistically stay (as tourist) in thailand now?

I got here a couple weeks ago. I want to stay as long as I can. Is covid extension gone? Visa run still not practical. So is it 30+ one extension of 30=60 days? How can i stay longer than 60? Cheers!
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2021.10.26 23:53 SavvyKam Heartstone ranked > FFXIV

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2021.10.26 23:53 RandomPl0x Meta Weekly #199

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2021.10.26 23:53 Kijhyg Is there a word for the physical feeling that accompanies attempting to resist impulses?

Generally when I control myself I begin experiencing "symptoms". For example: My head will pound, as if I've sat up to quickly while sick. I can feel a tightness in my chest, along with a strange shivering sensation. What would I call this?
Also, several things I do when attempting to control myself include: Sitting on my hands, grinding my rear gums together, clenching my teeth, repeating a word quietly or in my head (mine is "games:), and others. What would I call those?
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2021.10.26 23:53 quinntaylor27 Carved Oogie Boogie tonight!

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2021.10.26 23:53 VelociKitten93 Help me #FindBilly

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2021.10.26 23:53 theFUNnelCakeBlog Fear Farm in Phelan was a ton of fun! The event features a "Ghost Town," Sundown Manor Haunted House, a Hayride, and roaming characters. Being a self-proclaimed theme park and haunted house fanatic, I wasn't sure what to expect, but they did an awesome job! Open select days through Halloween!

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2021.10.26 23:53 TheRealZangief Mr Gorbachev, Knock Down That Wall!

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2021.10.26 23:53 sweetFLUFFYpanda This Man Elon is worth 300 B now! I mean, what the hell is going on ?

To give you a perspective about the difference between billions and millions
1 million seconds : 11 Days
1 Billion Seconds : 32 Years
This guy has 300Billion.
Just 2 % of his net worth can end global Hunger Link
I am really worried about the future.
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2021.10.26 23:53 picklerickley Alternative Grommet?

Just found my old bong in the closet, but I'm missing the grommet. So while the iso is doing its thing (19 yo me stored it damp and resiny) what household item could I use to plug this thing??
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2021.10.26 23:53 Top_Biscotti_8334 Players after bring edge guarded by mii gunner. Credit to: Yahiamice

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2021.10.26 23:53 ZoolShop Stock futures are flat after Dow, S&P close at records

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2021.10.26 23:53 sandypassage Names that I’ve overheard working at a children’s store the past few days(southeast US)

As a name nerd, I’ve decided to write down every child’s name I’ve heard from behind the register at the store where I work. The kids are ranging in age between newborn to 12/13-ish. This was fun, although I did feel slightly creepy doing it lol. I might make it a monthly series tbh.
Females Sophie Evelyn Eva Penelope Devlin Sally Jubilee Audrey Eden Everly Mia Desdamona Zoey Winter Creation
Males Everett Stone Lincoln William Valor Joshua Parker Henry Charlie Baker Remington Jennings Ellis Cade Asher Solomon Nelson
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2021.10.26 23:53 kcodoley ISO peachy/creamy color 2020 Ricky pig

Hopefully a lightly used one or new if reasonable on price. Willing to trade and can work that out via pm if you have one. Thanks.
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2021.10.26 23:53 StcStasi Physiques

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2021.10.26 23:53 Chiefcoyote Shot the first rounds through my first 10mm today.

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2021.10.26 23:53 aidermoi123 Do you think it's possible that I (17F) have some residue of emotions for a past partner (17M)?

I'll be 18 in about 2 months. It was online, but he and I had Facetimed before. I didn't think I had emotions for him and ended up pursuing another person. But when I looked at his Reddit profile, my heart beat (though, it beats over anything). When I saw his avatar, I pictured the face behind it. Whenever I see a specific guy at school who looks remotely like him, it reminds me of the guy I was with. He's actually super kind, and even if it turns out I never had feelings for him, I hope e finds a good lady, as he's a kind young man who deserves one. He was nothing but supportive and kind to me.
Also, side note, my mom would never approve of it anyway, especially if there are any horny elements to conversations.
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2021.10.26 23:53 Constantine_Gr8 Thank you Emperor

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2021.10.26 23:53 NoIAmSpartak Any tips to improve my mic quality?

Hello, Im new to streaming so I bought a yeti blue microphone, but when I tried to use it it just sounds off, the quality of it isn't where I want it to be, any tips on how to improve it?
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2021.10.26 23:53 notinferno Sounded like a VW of some sort

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2021.10.26 23:53 CountMemeLordOffical Why cats are asterisk butts:

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2021.10.26 23:53 BigBrainers1 wut

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2021.10.26 23:53 Muted_Trainer2952 Family issue

I normally don't do this, but my mother is being horrible, while my sister sits on the couch and watches tv she screams at me and she always says she is disappointed in me. I don't know what to do due to the fact nobody believes that she treats me differently than my sister. How do I make her proud of me?
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