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2021.10.27 00:01 throwaway731173 Pick your reason

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2021.10.27 00:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: ебдейсіз

ебдейсіз translates to awkward
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2021.10.27 00:01 sdf_cardinal Biden announces appointment of Washington State’s Republican Secretary of State to key election security role at homeland security

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2021.10.27 00:01 FrequentFlyer96 We need to bully people who put the dollar sign after the number.

Seriously, how old are we? It’s a huge problem how many people put the dollar sign AFTER the number. This is basic punctuation you learn in elementary school. You see price tags every day, paychecks, prices online, it’s ALL over the place. Why are we still getting this wrong? Not only is it wrong, but it LOOKS wrong. You’re telling me you look at 1$ and say “yeah this looks good to me.” Grow up.
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2021.10.27 00:01 rusebattleofthebulge R.U.S.E Zombie Mode is here...

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incómodo translates to awkward
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2021.10.27 00:01 lonewanderer12 I'm in my early twenties, make $36,000 in a HCOL US city as a PhD candidate, and this week I realized I might need to start therapy again

Hi all, I’m excited to post because I’ve been reading for a long time but never actually thought to do my own entry. I'm also an avid follower of Frugal, ZeroWaste & VeganZeroWaste and povertyfinance lol so maybe that gives you an idea of where I'm at. Content Warning: my post mentions eating disorders, trauma (financial), other mental health issues (depression), and smoking.

Section One: Assets and Debt Retirement Balance: 0
Because of tax and immigration restrictions, I cannot participate in the usual retirement plans most US citizens or other foreigners do, even though I have literally exhausted reading all financial ed resources, on reddit and elsewhere. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay in the US when I complete my PhD, even though I do hope so, so I can’t make long-term commitments without unreasonable tax implications. My country of citizenship has no better alternatives, so this is something that’s been on my mind for a while now and I am yet to figure out what to do, or where to get proper advice. One thing I’m considering is buying rental property in my country but must figure out tax implications there as well, and life has been too busy for me to have time to do this.
Savings: ~60.000
Because of the above, most of my money hangs out in a HYSA. I know anyone reading this is repulsed right now because it is not invested, not growing etc., but trust me, I have researched everything, and this makes the most sense for me right now. I would appreciate any constructive advice from anyone who might have experience with similar situations.
Checking: ~1200
Credit card: ~1500
I fully pay off my credit card every month, and it’s usually only a couple of hundred dollars for groceries etc., as I do all my purchases with the CC, for the rewards. This month I had some unusually large travel related expenses, so it’s higher than normal but will get paid off by the end of the month.
Loans: 4500
The only loan I ever took out was this one in undergrad, deferred for now because I’m fully enrolled in university again.

Section Two: Income Income progression
I’ve been in my program for two years and expect to continue for another four before completion. I have guaranteed funding throughout. I graduated from college with an almost full scholarship (other than the 4500 of loan) right before I started my PhD and I’d worked since after high-school to cover living expenses and save up (~20.000), so this is my first “real salary.” My field is not a high-earning one so although I anticipate my income will go up after grad school, it will still be a low to a medium level, most likely below the median for my city.
Main Job Monthly Take Home, before deductions: ~3000

Side Gig Monthly Take Home: 0\*
This varies. Has been 0 for the past six months, but before that, I could bring in anywhere between 100 and 2000 extra a month with various gigs, which mostly went into my savings. I’ve been depressed and burned out for months and not taking extra work has helped me take care of myself.
Net monthly take-home: 2600

Section Three: Expenses

Diary Monday (my wordiest day, I promise! it sets the scene...)
Morning: I was working until 2am last night, so this morning, although I have an 8am class, I don’t hear my alarm and I wake up exactly at 8. After a moment of panic, I realize it’s a remote meeting on Mondays, so I quickly put my contacts in while I log on, only a few minutes late. I use the half hour between two remote classes to put some decent clothes on, eat breakfast and make coffee (I always have a cup at home and bring another with me in a thermos because coffeeshops are the simplest way for me to hemorrhage money). Afterwards, I run to my third class on campus.
Afternoon: During a break, I have some grapes I brought in a jar, but I still feel hungry and tired. I have more coffee and a cigarette. Whenever I forget my water bottle, I can feel myself getting dehydrated, but refuse to buy single use plastic bottled water—it’s sh*t for the environment, and overpriced. Sometimes I do wonder where my environmental consciousness ends, and financial trauma begins.
I’ve been yearning to get my nails gelled because they got nice and long, and I’ve been feeling like crap, but I’ve only every gotten one manicure in my life and it fell apart just a few days in so I’m hesitant. A friend recommended a salon near campus, and I saw that the gel is $30 which is cheaper than I imagined. I make vague plans mentally to pay them a visit later today. But first, because it’s gotten cold here lately and I don’t have any nice sweaters, I want to go buy some from a brand that made the favorite sweater I own, whose holes I mended with patches that are now also falling off unfortunately. I love love love clothes but hate hate hate spending money and especially dislike buying new things, so instead of the store I’ve been thinking of, I go to the Goodwill, where I usually get most of my things anyway. I buy two dresses, only one sweater, and a thin jacket ($26.72). I’m starving but don’t want to eat out, so I head home without getting my nails done. On the way back, I top up my subway card ($5).
Evening: I eat too much because I'm nervous and this in turn triggers my disordered thoughts. I have a school-related trip coming up and the planning has been stressing me out because there’s no guarantee I can get the costs covered by the uni, so I’m trying to find the cheapest travel options. I realize the tickets are getting more expensive, so I take the plunge and just book the transportation ($220), even though accommodation is still a question. This makes me super nervous, like any big or unplanned expenses do, and I have a panic attack. I buy cigarettes ($12.37), and call a friend, and in the meantime, I figure out a couchsurfing solution for lodging. This sleep-deprived, long and exhausting day reminds me of how much growing up poor and living as a young adult without a safety net stresses me out on the daily. I love the jacket I bought at the GW but I also realize that neither it nor the dresses I got are warm at all and I wonder whether I should have bought them at all. I have to prepare a mock presentation for a professional development class I have tomorrow afternoon and I’m up until 2am again…
Day total: $261.67

I wake up passed out on my desk. It’s 11am which means I missed my morning class. I’ve been struggling with PMDD, a period-related mood disorder for a while, and some days of the month I am barely able to function. Today is one of those days, certainly made worse by the persistent late work nights. I decide I need to take a break, and I email to say I have to miss the afternoon meeting, and I apologize because I know I was supposed to provide the mock presentation. I make some tea and call a friend to rant about the sh*t I feel, finishing the pack of cigarettes. I clean up my room which gets messy whenever I’m struggling, I organize my plan for the week because I didn’t get to do it this weekend and that always messes with me, and I take a nice shower. After that, a friend picks me up and we have dinner at their house (I bring them flowers ($5) but they pay for the dinner), and after dinner we each work/study, which makes me feel so much better.
Day total: $5.00

On Wednesday I have a lot of classes in the morning and afternoon, but I got a good night’s rest last night, so I feel more energized and ready. I also brought food, snacks, and water from home with me to campus, which is great because it means I don’t have to worry about figuring out where to go or what to do when I get hungry or thirsty, which supports my ED recovery. Food and food expenses are related to my physical and mental health, both as regards financial trauma from poverty in childhood, and eating disorder recovery, so it’s very important for my wellbeing to make sure I have consistent access without feeling like I spend excessively or unnecessarily, which can have a negative effect, After class, I meet up with a friend for a drink and lunch, and I cover the bill ($20.25). I also realize that, if I’m going to continue smoking, I should buy rolling tobacco ($12.92) rather than packed cigarettes, because it’s significantly more affordable per day.
Day total: $31.17

In the morning, I have a midterm and immediately afterwards I go to my regular volunteering engagement. I commute there with a bus, and after the three hours, I regularly have lunch in that area ($10.56). Lately I’ve been feeling crappy about a lot of things, including my hair, so on my way home, I spend ($60.5) on new shampoo, mask, heat protectant and some other beauty supplies. I wince when the cashier says the total amount, but I realize that I can either buy these things or let my dissatisfaction further deteriorate my already low self-esteem, which often spirals into an ED mess. This is something I’ve been working on, in therapy and otherwise, for months, and I’ve found that allowing myself to do those things the toxic part of my brain calls “vain” or unnecessary but which make me feel better about myself is essential for my wellbeing, and also helps me develop a healthier relationship with money.
Later that evening, I top up my subway card again ($5), and I meet up with friends for a beer ($5). I also buy some household supplies ($3).
Day total: $84.06

On Friday, I have more midterms in the morning, and once I’m done I realize the weather is incredibly beautiful (and scary, because climate change), and I decide I want to go for a hike. This takes up most of the day, I spend $3.98 on a bag of almonds and bottled water (rip), and a bit more for the subway home ($5) because I’m too exhausted to walk back. I take a nap when I get home and wake up late super disoriented. A friend has a birthday party to which I invited another friend I haven’t seen in a while, and although I don’t feel like going, I don’t want to flake because we had confirmed to meet up earlier that day. I force myself out of bed and get ready, and buy a $16 gift. The party’s nice, my friend and I get pretty drunk, and on the way to her house we spend $15 each on junk food in the wee hours. I take a $15 lyft home (my first car service in two years) because I don’t have my contact case on me, or tampons, or a toothbrush, and I'm too drunk to walk home.
Day total: $54.98

On Saturday, after waking up super hungover, I found out I will get transport for the trip that stressed me on Monday refunded by uni, yay! They'll also cover my food expenses there, which gives me great relief. I'm committed to prepare for a big presentation this weekend but my roommates and their guests are really rowdy, so I go to a coffeehouse to write. That costs me $7.22 and I'm super grumpy with my roommates, because they didn't announce or ask about having overnight guests (noise? covid? nothing! ugh. I wish I could afford a studio apartment.)
On Sunday I continue working, I exercise, and do some groceries for next week for $30.18, determined to acutally follow my meal plan this coming week. Sunday's actually a really nice day.
Weekend total: $37.40

EOW Tally: Total: $481.28 (w/o refundable travel: $261.28)

This was a really long week for me. I spent more than I wanted on both food and "other," which in this case was mostly cigarettes and the birthday present. I don't go out every weekend and lately I've been regretting going out at all, and even though I had fun this Friday, it cost me like $45 in total, which I don't think I can afford. I often have as much fun seeing a film on my annual pass instead, or having some wine with friends at our home/s, and I don't wake up hungover the day after. I think the culprit is alcohol, so going out in itself is okay as long as I exercise self-control.
The high food expenses also make sense because I've been relapsing into my ED these past weeks, so while I usually have to prepare my meal plan at home, I actually hadn't done any proper cooking in a while, so I ended up eating out more than usual, and that's generally when shaking with starvation, when emotional-eating, or if I'm stuck on certain "safe foods", which can last for days and I only feel comfortable eating one specific thing. With a dietician's meal plan, I'm actually able to keep it very frugal but this has been difficult lately. I also had that big expense buying hair products, but I got large sizes and hope they'll last til the end of the year at least. Ngl, it did make my Tuesday spiraling worse, and I had major regrets about buying the products.
All in all, a somewhat unusual week, and the many mood oscillations and anxieties I've had made me wonder if I should try to find a therapist again, perhaps one who has experience with trauma related to past poverty and food insecurity, and eating disorders. All bigger purchases this week were stressful, and the consequences were ED thoughts, and excessive smoking. Fwiw, I did meal prep and have been feeling somewhat better since I wrote that week's diary:) Thanks for reading!
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2021.10.27 00:01 Redditpernya SSBU Stage Elimination Game Week 2: Pick 1 stage you want to delete from the list. Voting ends in 24 hours.

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2021.10.27 00:01 leafblowerplus Don’t Feel Anything While Trying to Attempt Anymore

Brief mention of permashifting.
This isn’t really a sad or angry post, more so a dissatisfied one. I think a variety of factors may play a part, like doing shifting attempts when I’m tired and can easily fall asleep or a low concentration level. This doesn’t really make sense to me because with sleep methods it’s okay if you don’t reach the end and concentration doesn’t fully matter when you’ve set the intent for that night. Also, this would’ve definitely weakened my journey far sooner.
I think this is linked to something else I want to touch on. I don’t feel much tie to spirituality or the universe anymore. I was trying to figure out why this happened. This could be because I took a shifting break that was a few weeks long but from what I remember, it started a bit before that.
I’m also realizing that at my strongest in shifting, I still wasn’t even that close. I feel like in the grand scheme of things, tingling or the sorta spinning that your body begins to do isn’t that much. I will admit though, that my “Your Name” esque dream when I asked my DR self to help me shift (an idea I saw from a post) was very helpful considering my aphantasia, but jt’s pretty much the strongest sign I’ve gotten and that was months ago.
The lucid dream method seems to have potential but for me this would take weeks possibly even months to work and isn’t sustainable. It takes days for the dreams to be occurring regularly, and weeks to get to a point where I realize I’m dreaming, and even then I usually I can’t control them. When I can, I end up damn near awake because of my aphantasia. Basically, realizing I’m dreaming makes me realize I can’t see anything naturally waking me up or causing me to basically be at the same point I would be if I was just attempting to shift while sleepy.
I’m thankful to know about shifting and I’m thankful to be on the open minded side of people that will benefit from my knowledge of shifting. I know that I will be able to meet my comfort characters, explore different worlds, and have a variety of experiences but it’s getting a bit frustrating waiting all of this time and feeling little to no return on my investment personally. It’s also tempting to make my first shift a permashift. One for the obvious reason that we’d all rather go to a place where we’re famous superheroes instead of dealing with the harrowing consequences of a global pandemic but the other reason is shifting and then going through a long arduous time period of not being able to shift like now.
Do any of you relate or have any advice? Responses to this post would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.27 00:01 swifty1231 We need another episode of this without morty interrupting. who agrees with me!

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2021.10.27 00:01 wazurobi Crypto hodlers are suckers.

I like crypto and invest in it, but the idea of forever-holding is ill-advised. Rich crypto investors buy and sell over and over. That's how they make their money. Hodlers have only one strategy and that's to hope and pray that at some point in the future, their initial investment will be worth a lot more. But they're missing the opportunity take profits off the table. Crypto is like poker, you need to when to hold and know when to fold.
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2021.10.27 00:01 bitch_what1 why does my sewing machine keep sewing in place?

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2021.10.27 00:01 Responsible-Mail7927 I just finished eating what?

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2021.10.27 00:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: neoportuna

neoportuna translates to awkward
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2021.10.27 00:01 Charming_Bat_4578 Tier list: Husbando Edition!

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2021.10.27 00:01 DlowFlow 2k22 No Shirt/Chest Tattoos Level Current Gen PS4

What level do I have to be to put tattoos on my neck chest and back?
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2021.10.27 00:01 OSRSwriteoff Big 4 internship or full time offer at top 15 firm?

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2021.10.27 00:01 bronxi11 hackers

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2021.10.27 00:01 baabo1 Facebook vs Roblox vs Yext

I was fortunate enough to receive offers from two of the above companies but am expecting all three. Intern salary isn’t really a concern, I’m more focused on new grad return rate.
I know Roblox screwed their interns last year but my recruiter said they’re working on fixing that (ie being more transparent/not having a hard cap of 50%) If that’s true I think I personally find Roblox the best company for culture and WLB ( I think working there would be super fun, and the pay is also verrrry nice ). However my desire to be employed FT exceeds my desire to have fun haha.
I also don’t think that FB is a bad option. I have a lot of friends going and I know it would also be a great time, plus I think FB has a better FT return rate. Also think the tech that FB makes is pretty cool.
I’m also not ruling out Yext, I talked to their engineers and they seemed super chill and I think I could get some cool work done there, though I think I could get cool work done at any of the three options.
I’m also thinking about recruiting full time (if i don’t get a return) so the work I get to do over the summer and the name of the company matters a bit I think.
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2021.10.27 00:01 Dixie-Copeland vhbjn

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2021.10.27 00:01 AntiVaxxersAreClowns Ceramic chipped, still ok to use?

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2021.10.27 00:01 longdelta123 How to reject projects from a specific partner/practice group?

How can I reject work without burning any bridges? I'm really not interested in the partner's practice but somehow got roped into doing work for that person. V50 associate in a "rotational" program
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2021.10.27 00:01 Kisa-chan- "JUJUTSU KAISEN 0" film reveals key visual

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2021.10.27 00:01 Cosmic_Gumbo Nanny/Nanny Share recommendations?

Looking at hiring a full time nanny M-F for an infant. Also have the possibility of doing a nanny share with another family we know, so there’s a chance to earn more. Any recommendations for individuals or agencies?
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2021.10.27 00:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: ongemakkelijk

ongemakkelijk translates to awkward
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