Keeping text in one place?

2021.10.27 00:59 Warm_Figure_7792 Keeping text in one place?

I need some quick help...
Is it possible to keep text in one place, even if other text appears over it or around it?
This is my page right now. I want to make it so that you have to click the buttons and so they load enough text so that the red link at the bottom is revealed (but not visible at first. I was going to make the link black so that when the white text reached it it would be visible.) Is anything like this possible? Sorry if this sounds insane lol.
I can send any bits of code if it helps. I just have no idea what I'm doing.
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2021.10.27 00:59 ActivityNovel 💎🛡 SHIELD NETWORK🛡💎 DEFI has never been so safe. Dont miss this chance to be apart of a revolutionary project!💯

💎🛡 SHIELD NETWORK🛡💎 DEFI has never been so safe. Dont miss this chance to be apart of a revolutionary project!💯 SHIELD YOUR INVESTMENTS WITH 🛡SHIELD NETWORK🛡
Security in DeFi is a must to ensure the steady growth of mainstream adoption. There is no project more dedicated to achieving this goal than Shield Network. The team will be implementing new security features on ShieldPad never before seen on any launchpad such as:
Three Tiered Security System: #1.GUARDIAN - "Projects launching under tier 1 will require KYC verification for all the project’s different team members and the project’s smart contracts will be thoroughly assessed. The Shield Network team will follow the development of tier 1 projects from the very beginning and meet the respective developers.”
#2. AUDITED - “Developers need to meet similar requirements to launch their project under tier 2 on the Shieldpad. However, these requirements are less strict.”
#3.DECENTRALIZED - “The Shield Network team will not meet most of the teams personally.”*
Multi-signature LP Locks and Frozen Contracts : “Once an investor locks their tokens in the liquidity pool, neither a project’s team nor the Shield Network team are able to remove these funds without the signature of the other. Should a case occur where a project’s team finds a loophole and starts removing a considerable amount of liquidity, Shield Network has implemented a frozen contract that allows investors to exit the project safely with their funds before the price falls drastically.”
( Quoted information from Shield Network’s Phemex Academy article.)
Shield Pad’s audit completion from Solid Group (click link for more info) has just been confirmed as completed! which means ShieldPad will be operational VERY SOON!!!
ShieldPad! (find link in Shield Network website)

Promotion of ShieldPad will begin just before its launch. Followed by marketing (little by little) with different influencers from different countries around the world (China, Germany, Russia, Puerto Rico, ect...). At the same time, ShieldPad’s features will also be released such as:
STAKING: (%40 to %60 APY)
RELEASE OF SHIELD VAULT: (click link for more info)
FIRST IDO LAUNCH: (big marketing push).

This is a very serious project trying to solve a VERY serious problem. So PLEASE, DYOR, and come help the team shield this space we call DEFI!🛡
Any questions? Please join Shield Network's Telegram. The active devs are always happy to assist! Also don't forget to check out their / Website / Reddit / Twitter / Instagram /
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2021.10.27 00:59 yongen96 KKM: Speak out against smoking

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2021.10.27 00:59 BaconCheemseburger What has happened to this earth

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2021.10.27 00:59 HeliVolare Eels - Rags To Rags

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2021.10.27 00:59 covertheskies Kyle

I swear to god if they kill off Kyle I’ll cry harder than Sonya’s death.
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2021.10.27 00:59 funkymyname Robinhood shares tank as revenue falls way short of expectations

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2021.10.27 00:59 GX008 Build coustom routien

I am trying to make my own workout routine for hypertrophy. The goal is using minimal equipment. List of equipment includes Dumbbells up to 12kg each Barbell EZ bar Resistance tubes pull-up bar
any suggestions?
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2021.10.27 00:59 FwDorisdavenport132 Hey for those of you looking for it - ep 3 is on the website M4uHD!!

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2021.10.27 00:59 Krazy4Kush [Kanji? -> English] Much appreciated :)

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2021.10.27 00:59 loracarol Baby Challahs

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2021.10.27 00:59 Cotswagon1 Sweet Chai Poh (preserved radish) substitute??

Hi all, I'm making a Singaporean fried radish/turnip cake (chai tow kway) and i just noticed the recipe asks for 1 cup of sweet chai poh! I can't find this anywhere (I'm in New Zealand, and I don't live near any Asian supermarkets). Are there any good substitutes I can use that provide a similar taste and/or texture?? Or would it still taste nice if I totally skip this ingredient? Thanks
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2021.10.27 00:59 tronmachine64 Wanna join the army

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2021.10.27 00:59 FortniteStatusBot This issue has been resolved. You can get back to crafting and collecting in Save the World!

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2021.10.27 00:59 canadian_goose07 Questions about Exchange Student Life

I'm a undergrad student from Canada thinking of going on exchange to Lund University next fall. I was just wondering how the student life is at Lund and how it differs for an exchange student.
I've read about the student nations, which seem to be pretty vital to the social aspect of Lund. Are these nations easy to join as an exchange student who's only going to be attending the school for one semester?
Do the Swedish students at the university/in the nations mostly stay within themselves or are they receptive to internationals joining their groups? (just a little scared of finding it difficult to make friends/find a group). Thanks!
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2021.10.27 00:59 fsninfo NBA Betting Preview for Oct 27 - Wizards vs Celtics

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2021.10.27 00:59 eno-tita Something that I always liked about the Nasuverse was how you could notice the connections between the characters in each series by idea, concept or design

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2021.10.27 00:59 SirFartsonBread Spirituality Explained

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2021.10.27 00:59 DanGoodMods Psp vibes.

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2021.10.27 00:59 Saphire03 Really mom? It’s not scary…

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2021.10.27 00:59 Novel_Panic_971 Basically the only decent picture ive ever been able to get of this little phyco 🙌

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2021.10.27 00:59 maindrive99 Didn't know gas was nationalized.

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2021.10.27 00:59 The_Real_Itz_Sophia haha

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2021.10.27 00:59 mXgibskn How to meet people with similar interests/world views

I’ve recently met a girl who I really connect with and we have similar interests and views on society. She introduced herself to me and was extremely friendly. This is honestly the first person i’ve been able to fully share my views and aspirations with.
Ever since i met this girl i’ve realized that the people i’ve surrounded myself with don’t really reflect me at all.
I want to meet similar people but have a very hard time just going up to random people and talking/asking for contact info. I fear i’ll come off as a creep or something.
People introducing themselves to me and being so friendly is extremely rare. I want to instigate these interactions too….
How would I meet similar people without making it weird?
I’m M(19) and in college.
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2021.10.27 00:59 deefswen Dems Plotting to Sneak Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Immigrants Into Their Massive Spending Bill: Report

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