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2021.10.27 01:00 MedicalJenkem The solution I'm choosing to believe.

I promise you're not going to believe me, and that's ok, I don't need you to, and honestly I hope kind of hope you don't. This is just an exercise in having fun with, and letting go of The Chase.
Forrest said he felt like an architect while writing the poem, and I think that's because it was a little like building a house. He wanted it to have more than one story, so it had to work on a couple of different levels. I think at its base, it's about the Madison corridor and how he saw that place, both as a kid and as he returned over the years. I also think it gives us some insight into his particular brand of spirituality.
I believe the 9 mile hole solve that u/RudyGreene and others worked out is correct, but also incomplete. I think it's a part of the journey that the poem is taking you on, but I don't think that the journey ends there. I do think the blaze is there though, and if you're wise, it tells you what game you're actually playing.
I had been thinking this might be the Wizard of Oz since late last spring, but once I saw images of the "oil tree" at 9 mile a bunch of pieces started falling in to place for me. I now think that as a kid, Forrest saw spending his summers in Yellowstone as going to live in Oz for a season. I imagine he'd spend all school year thinking about getting back there until he and his family were finally whisked away by the slowest tornado ever.
I think Where Warm Waters Halt is Madison Junction, and that it's somewhere over a rainbow that is made up of all the colorful thermal features along the Firehole river. I now also see it as the fork in the Yellow Brick Road where Dorothy first meets the Scarecrow.
I think 9 mile is where the Tinman is, and that you're meant to go there and find the oil tree. I said before I don't believe 9 mile is the final spot, but I do believe the oil tree is the blaze in the poem. There may be another physical blaze at the final location, but I've never been there so I don't know. I'm allowing for two blazes because my solve also has a second Home of Brown.
The poem gets really weird below the Home of Brown, and very difficult to try and explain. I just don't have the vocabulary to articulate exactly what it is I think he's doing, and I could probably spend years trying to figure out how. The simplest thing is to just say that he's playing with time. The clues are not presented in a linear order, but you can start to understand them in hindsight once you've seen and understood the blaze.
But tarry scant with marvel gaze. He's showing us the future and giving us a new lens to view the poem through.
From there it’s no place for the meek,
The end is ever drawing nigh;
There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
Just heavy loads and water high.
This section of the poem takes place at 9 mile on the first pass. To be up a creek without a paddle is to be stuck, like the Tinman, but no place for the meek is referencing what happens after that. He telling us where we're headed before he talks about where we're at currently. The semicolon is connecting two ideas that happen in the wrong order. He's messing with time.
Like I said, I think the poem is really weird, and honestly, I'm probably not smart enough to ever be able to explain how I think it all works properly, but it doesn't really matter. I've seen the Wizard of Oz enough times to know what happens next, and also that skipping is encouraged, if not outright required.
If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
If you are brave and in the wood
I give you title to the gold.
After the Tinman Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion. This is what no place for the meek was alluding to I believe. Dorothy meets the Lion immediately after meeting the Tinman but her first encounter with him is different than with her other companions. When Dorothy first meets the Scarecrow and the Tinman they both get a big song and dance number, but the Lion doesn't get his until later on, just before they meet the Wizard. In the context of The Chase I believe his big number is -111.004444, and that this is what "brave and in the wood" means.
In the movie, the Lion is trying to find his courage, which is a synonym of bravery. In the very beginning of the poem Forrest equates being alone with being bold, which is another synonym of brave. The etymology for the word alone is literally all one. As far as "in the wood" it's pretty simple. It's just about how the name Forrest sounds. When he'd stay at The Dude, he'd try to get room #4 because it's the four-est room they had, and he's Forrest. If you're in the forest, you're in the wood. I wrote a post about this way back about a month after the find but I got most of it wrong. I also wasn't thinking in terms of The Wizard of Oz yet.
I think the spot is right here on this line between the road and the river. Any point on a map is two rings on a globe and Forrest said to marry the poem to the map. I originally had been treating 111 and 4444 as two separate things, but it's a single phrase. It's one of the rings. The other ring is the Madison, which the whole poem is about on one level. You need two rings to get married, and the two zeros in the number echo that join 111 and 4444 together.
As someone who wasn't necessarily religious but still spiritual, I think Forrest looked at dying as setting off to see the Wizard, which is why I think he chose to end it where the Lion's song takes place. It's right there at the death's door, which he walked away from, and I think that's reflected in the poem too.
So why is it that I must go,
And leave my trove for all to seek?
The answers I already know,
I've done it tired, and now I'm weak.
I used to think this part was about dying, but not anymore. Now I think it's about moving forward, because he's getting too old for this shit and his summers spent along the Madison are over. When he got his second chance at life I think he chose to walk into his past one last time to hide the treasure. Then he went Back to the Future, to be with Peggy, at home.
The line I showed is roughly 600 feet down river, past the end of Riverside Drive, where the other Home of Brown is. It's capitalized because it's a proper noun.
Today is the 11th anniversary of TTotC for about five more minutes where I'm at.
I think Forrest was the King of the Forest.
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They said they were a lads. Anne’s full name is Angalhad. I’m just saying, bigger stretches have happened.
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So I haven't played in about a half year or more and decided to dive into a Ireland playthrough for some fun. I am finding that the game is now lagging significantly with the character finder and toggling quickly through different other windows (council, decisions, etc). When I cycle too fast through different windows, the game also freezes for me once every 15-30 min or so.
Half a year ago the game was very smooth for me. No issues with my hardware, other games continuing to run ship-shape.
But CK3 is super inconsistent for me when it didn't used to be. Has anyone else been experiencing this?
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2021.10.27 01:00 kyukisses experiences with rocky horror shadow casts?

a definition for anyone not familiar with the term
A shadow cast is an ensemble of artists that act out the movie while it is playing; often times dancing and singing live.
i would love to know everyone's experiences with going to see, being a part of or forming a shadow cast.
bonus points to any member of a shadow cast who tells us what it's like - is it as fun as it looks?
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Guess what I just saw guys?
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Which gtst is better for daily driving?
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I’m just a sadboi who don’t really talk much. I just let music talk for me haha. I enjoy listening to EDM, R&B, Pop, and whatnot.
I enjoy the small things in life. I feel that there is this common perception of an exciting life is to travel everywhere. Buy the latest tech. Find the perfect partner. Live in a big house. Own a nice car. “Only then, I can be happy”. Then there comes this constant feeling of it’s not enough. As long as I have my coffee, music, friends and family. I feel pretty content with that.
I’m an aspiring bedroom music producer. I’m still new to this journey, so I don’t really have any music to share yet. I’m looking to make some chill cute progressive house kinda stuff.
I’m looking for someone who can be pretty chill to be around. I don’t really mind long silence, and it would be nice to have someone who is okay with that too. We could watch a couple shows together. I like going to EDM festivals/shows! Maybe be my rave buddy?
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Just curious, what are people's predictions for $SHIB in like 5-10 years? I am in for the long haul and wanted to see what others thought.
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Anybody who has taken these professors or currently are, can you share your experience taking them. Trying to decide who to take for winter quarter :/ thanks!
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