93khs f9a2b r3563 43i5k 2zr5r 33bfr 3fear zfr27 tbyk8 ibzz7 9isnb 7d59i h2sn3 8a8n3 574nf 23iik ehzz2 3t4ss a4etd 6re45 6y2z9 'It's absolutely getting worse': Secretaries of state targeted by Trump election lies live in fear for their safety and are desperate for protection | Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trump’s Worst ...

'It's absolutely getting worse': Secretaries of state targeted by Trump election lies live in fear for their safety and are desperate for protection

FEBRUARY 2017 – February 1, 2017 In a rollback of an Obama-era protection, Donald Trump’s White House withdrew the Mercury Effluent Rule, which regulated the safe use and disposal of mercury in American dental offices.The Natural Resource Defense Council estimated the repeal would discharge five tons of the neurotoxic substance into water supplies each year. Deep State operative and witness in Trump's first impeachment claims "democracy is done" if Trump is duly-elected under the Constitution. - 14 hours ago, 24 Oct 21, 5:26pm - Sunday Live: Walls Are Closing In On Gates & Fauci As The World Awakens To The Bioattack They Launched

2021.10.27 00:43 EricSchC1fr 'It's absolutely getting worse': Secretaries of state targeted by Trump election lies live in fear for their safety and are desperate for protection

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2021.10.27 00:43 d1ldobagg1nses Egg_irl

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2021.10.27 00:43 Start_Appropriate been purchasing things until im annoyed, these items is fillin’ the void

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2021.10.27 00:43 U308NightLight Retail has put up Christmas trees so what are you dreading most about the upcoming holidays?

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2021.10.27 00:43 Dnera_ Couple thoughts I had on the way to work today..

I've never really thought about this, but today I felt pigeon holed. I feel like my back is against a wall here. I'm only 25 but have been working since 15. Which is fine... To an extent. Is this it? Is this life? Working 40-50 hours a week all the way until I'm 65 and can retire?
Is my life purpose, really to get a wife and have kids and buy a house? Is that it? And then I think, if I leave my job and go on welfare - I'm deemed a loser? So I'm stuck in this mentality of being forced into what society wants for me, or so to speak what "everyone" wants. This is it? This is life? Looking forward to 2 days a week where the most I can really do is go out for a nice lunch and relax/watch tv/play video games. I can do all this without even working!
I'm working to please what everyone's idea of life is! I asked my fellow chef at work today who's in his mid 40s about his thoughts. He simply told me that's life. But I'm not satisfied with that. I'm afraid if I seek a therapist to talk about this I'd be stamped as mentally ill or depressed. I just don't understand.
Is this really it? I don't want to be apart of this.
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2021.10.27 00:43 ckosacranoid Running 4th ed game.

I have been thinking about running a 4th ed game to see what the game is like since trying to find any games other then d+d is very hard. I have been thinking about basing the game inn the starts around April of 2000 for a game start and being based in Wisconsin and Illinois since I know this area the best. I am having trouble coming up with some adventure ideas for this. I could do 1st ed ,lots but they all just feel very overwhelming for some reason and having trouble with how to adjust the setting guess for some of them which could leave a few ideas. I know the classic Sweden or Poland is the basic start.. might have to think about that and the mods that I could run...sigh.
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2021.10.27 00:43 FullSquishFrodo Hard money - black hawk Colorado

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2021.10.27 00:43 LastWordSabic Destiny - Remembrance (by me)

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2021.10.27 00:43 Rude-Sink4066 My personal best time. Next-next-gen SMG is rly good, best blue weapon if we take into consideration energy efficiency?

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2021.10.27 00:43 queerdaffodil PIC

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2021.10.27 00:43 sykadelic_angel Do you prefer to get all the patches at once and lay them out before sewing them on, or just putting them on as you go and kinda winging it over a few months (or even years)?

I'm curious to see the ratio here
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2021.10.27 00:43 uhdog81 [Joe Haden] COACH TOMLIN tells me Run through a WALL... 😂🐐

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2021.10.27 00:43 cabbage_head3 What was the last thing you did for the first time?

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2021.10.27 00:43 euniceandjo Aerial photography drone recommendation: explain in detail how to choose and recommend the novice drone entry

There are quite a lot of questions about drones on Quora like the above. In order to reduce everyone's entanglement in the drone purchase process, so that the friends can simply judge which drone they should buy, and decided to sort out some of the previous answers about drones, and add to the various drones. The comments are organized into articles. After reading carefully, all your confusion about choosing drones will be eliminated.
Why you should buy a drone
My original intention to buy a drone was purely because I watched some tall aerial videos and felt that God’s perspective was great. In fact, after I bought a drone until now, it is this kind of God's perspective that attracts me. In an environment you are familiar with, the feeling from the sky is completely different. That kind of experience is like suddenly discovering a new continent. Of course, as far as I am concerned, using drones can also often shoot videos that make friends circle, making outdoor selfies easier.
There are more than a hundred videos in my phone like this kind of video cut with my mobile phone. Individual players should process the material as soon as possible after aerial shooting, and develop a good habit. Don't let a pile of material lie in a corner of the hard drive and gradually lose light and shadow.
Back to the topic, most of the small partners want to buy drones, which is somewhat related to these demand points:
1. I often see others playing, feel tall, and want to start;
2. When playing outdoors, want to take some tall videos and photos;
3. You are a photography enthusiast, add multiple shooting equipment;
4. Give gifts to friends and colleagues;
5. Professional video producer, order tool.
Different needs, different frequencies of use, and different priorities when choosing drones. In the following section of drone recommendations, we will make recommendations for crowd analysis and recommendations for each drone. Here are two questions that may be persuasive: Is there a large-scale ban on flying in the city you live in? How much time do you have outdoor play and aerial photography? The first question is, if you live in a large-area banned city like Beijing, unless you often go to the suburbs or other places, it is recommended not to buy drones. The second question is, if you are just on a whim and don’t have time to go out for fun, it is also recommended that you do not buy a drone. Of course, the local tyrants are exceptions. Without the obstacles of the above two problems, editing skills, flying skills, etc., these are not a problem, and it does not prevent you from playing drones well. Why? Take editing as an example. If you don’t know how to edit it at all, then DJI has one-click editing, and the films that come out are not bad. The flight technology is even better. If you don't play difficult aerial photography, the flight control app has built-in a lot of fool-style flight modes. You don't need to worry about not knowing how to play drones. Every pilot never starts.
Misunderstandings about drone purchase:
1. Buy a second-hand drone and try it first, it's only a few hundred yuan, it's not a pity if it breaks
2. Buy the top-notch to be domineering
Whether you like aerial photography or not, the most influential ones are the first two points. Let me talk about the first point. Many people think that drones are too expensive, and it's not bad to buy a second-hand one. Friends who have this kind of thinking probably don't know what problems the drone is most afraid of. Yes, it is the bomber. How to deal with the body after the bombing? If you have insurance from the manufacturer, you can usually replace it with a new one, but the replacement is not a new one. Without manufacturer insurance, you can only pay for it yourself. The machines that the manufacturers have replaced or repaired by themselves are all machines that have been repaired. Whether there is a dark problem or not, a novice who has no knowledge of drones will most likely not be able to tell. As for the second-hand drone on the second-hand trading platform, it is impossible to measure what kind of machine it is. In addition to drones, this is also true for many electronic products. It’s okay if you want to buy second-hand. You have to know what to do. The second-hand field is not deep, and only knowledgeable people know it. You are not familiar with the field, do not think that buying second-hand to save money, in turn may spend more money. The second point is that top-of-the-line drones are good, but it’s not appropriate for you to travel with a six-axis and eight-axis drone. Considering your own needs, portability, budget, and actual use are the deciding factors. Don’t just buy a DJI drone
Aerial photography drone recommendation
Foldable 4K Camera Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal and 35Min Flight Time
● World's leading 3-asix micro gimbal for image/video stabilization
● 4K Camera: image(5120*3840); video(3840×2160, Full HD)
● Sensor :SONY 1/3.06 CMOS
● Main control:Ambarella A12
● Positioning System: GPS/GLONASS + Optical Flow System + Ultrasonic Range Finders
● Long Range: up to 5000m FPV transmission range; up to 3000m remote range
● Return to Home (RTH): One-key RTH, Low Battery RTH and Failsafe RTH
● Intelligent Modes: Follow-Me, Orbiting, Waypoint Planning, Gesture Recognition, Gravity Sensor Control
● Foldable and compact design, portable to carry
● Support flight control by a phone
● Max Flight Time: 35min
Drone fpv com junta universal de 3 eixos Faith 2 GPS | Jolypops
5G HD REAL-timeimage transmission,the remote control distance of about 1200 meters is enough for you to enjoy the flight image transmission technology transmits,the picture smoothly and clearly
GPS positioning return home
The flight position is recorded in real time through GPS,
and when necessary, it can return to home intelligently.
3 second of transmission
The mobile phone is a few kilometers away.
The foldable remote control makes it easier to carry.
SG907 MAX GPS drone camera with 3 axis universal | Jolypops
Precautions for playing drones:
Unmanned aerial vehicles, also called unmanned aerial vehicles, are always likely to fall when flying in the sky. Some behaviors that are easy to blow up and violate management regulations must be avoided. Only civilized flight and law-abiding flight can fly longer and maintain the circle of drones together.
Here are some considerations:
1. Before flying, check whether the flight is forbidden or the height limit is not near the airport, above the military base, or above the crowded area
2. Do not fly indoors, not in places where many people are watching, and novices who lift drones should not be out of sight
3. Do not fly with long distances, and do not fly in strong winds in high altitude areas. Pay attention to serious battery degradation and reserve sufficient power for returning home. Novices should not lift drones on moving objects (boats, cars).
4. Before taking off and landing for a long time, observe the nearby obstacles (branches, high-voltage lines, etc.). Do not pick up the drone with your bare hands. In short, safety comes first. If you want to shoot good material, you have to learn how to move the lens and view the scene, which requires a process of continuous accumulation.
5. For flying drones, it is recommended to choose a time period when the sun is weak in the morning or afternoon, and the side-light shooting pictures are more beautiful.
Finally, to take pictures of the blues of sunrise, sunset and sunset, first check the time and weather.
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2021.10.27 00:43 madman12r Anushka shetty

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2021.10.27 00:43 NathanGorgeous Proud of you guys... lots of people trying to distract us from the mission with ATER, CEI, and SDC, but this sub has succeeded in unifying over $PROG - our one true mission right now. Loading up while we're still low and getting ready for liftoff...

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2021.10.27 00:43 Axle-f How 'Roman' was Roman-Britain?

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2021.10.27 00:43 Low-Heron-4324 Do you think getting an interview at FAANG is harder than passing the interview?

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2021.10.27 00:43 EVASIVE_rabbi You ever kill someone then question your morals?

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2021.10.27 00:43 MMayhem001 What fish am I missing?

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2021.10.27 00:43 buddykat2 ITAP of a cowboy and his horse

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2021.10.27 00:43 ihandlehandles Midwest side dishes?

So I moved from Fort Wayne to San Antonio and I recently met this really great women and she’s coming over tomorrow for dinner. I’m making steak, and I wanted to make my moms broccoli casserole (because it’s amazing, obviously), but I’m not sure h-e-b sells Kraft old English cheese. I don’t see why they wouldn’t but just in case, what are some hearty “Midwest” sides I can make? I guess maybe sweet corn if I can find any but something more idk inspired maybe. She’s a native Hispanic Texan so I don’t imagine she’s super familiar with casseroles and all the things we think are normal.
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2021.10.27 00:43 taiyoueri Type me based on my favorite characters!

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2021.10.27 00:43 jake2160 If I add a new school to my naviance/common app, do I have to ask my recs to resubmit

I’d rather not have to bother them again. By adding another school will I have to go back to them and ask them to re-submit? TIA
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2021.10.27 00:43 LizardBoiOfficial Who is Joji : The Rei Brown Conspiracy [meme]

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