[WTS] Gold Reales, 2c, Black Eagle Cert, Proof Eagle, Gold Baseball, Indian, Dansco, Photograde, Keelboat, Come and Take Em, etc

2021.11.29 17:43 LikeMetals [WTS] Gold Reales, 2c, Black Eagle Cert, Proof Eagle, Gold Baseball, Indian, Dansco, Photograde, Keelboat, Come and Take Em, etc

Thank you for looking!
proof photo
Current as of Monday. Several more images available just comment or chat/PM***
IMGUR only allows me to upload a handful in a short period of time. Any items in blue just click the words and they are already linked to pictures
2021-P Morgan Silver Dollar $115
1878-S Morgan PCGS MS63 $135
1879-S Morgan PCGS MS64 $130
1879-O Morgan PCGS MS62 $190
1881-S Morgan NGC OH MS64 $85
1881-S Morgan NGC MS63 $75
1882-S Morgan NGC MS64 $95
1885 Morgan NGC MS64 $85
1885-O Morgan NGC MS65 $190
1887 Morgan NGC MS63 $70
1889 Morgan NGC MS63 $75
1900-O Morgan NGC MS63 $85
1837 NY HT-268(6I) One Cent Feuchtwanger NGC MS-63 $550
2010-W Silver Proof Eagle PCGS PR70 Signed Leonard Buckley $100
2015-W Silver Proof Eagle PCGS PR70 Signed Leonard Buckley $100
2008-W Proof Silver Eagle w/ Box&COA $70
2011-W Proof Silver Eagle PCGS PR69 25th Anniversary Set $63
2011-W Silver Proof Eagle ANACS PR70 First Day Issue $85
2008-W Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF70 $85
1993-P Proof Silver Eagle No Box/COA $130
2012-W Silver Proof Eagle ANACS PR70 First Day Issue w/Wood Case $90
2021-W Silver Proof Eagle Type 2 PCGS PR70 First Strike $165
2006-W Silver Eagle Proof NGC PF70 $85
1994 Proof Silver Eagle No Box/Coa $95
2006 Proof Silver Eagle w/Box&Coa $70
1860 Gold 4 Reales Guatemala w/ Bezel $180
Sealed 2000 Canada Maple Leaf 1oz Fireworks Privy $33 (7 available
1882-CC Morgan NGC MS64 *Nice Rev Tone $380
1883-CC Morgan NGC MS62 $340
1883-CC Morgan NGC MS63 "Dash Under 8, CC/CC" $360
1884-CC Morgan NGC MS63 $350
1874-S Trade NGC Unc Detail Reverse $475
1877-S Trade Unc Detail Obverse $475
1994-P Proof Silver Eagle No Box/COA *hazy edge $100
1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar ANACS F-12 $75
1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar NGC VF-30 $240
1882-O Morgan Silver Dollar VAM-7 O/O Top 100 PCGS MS-62 $170
1935/34 Daniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar NGC MS-65 $220
1946 Iowa Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 $140
1926 Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar PCGS MS-64 $210
1986-S Statue of Liberty Centennial Silver Dollar NGC Proof-69 UC $30
2006-P Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Scientist Silver Dollar NGC Proof-69 UC $45
2012-P Star-Spangled Banner Silver Dollar PCGS MS-70 $75
2008-W $1 Silver Eagle Early Releases NGC Proof-70 UC $85
2017-W $1 Silver Eagle First Day of Issue NGC Proof-70 UC (Black Retro Holder) $90
China 2003 Silver 10 Yuan Panda Frosted Bamboo PAN-371B PCGS MS-69 $150
1943 Australia "Crest" 6 Pence (XF) $12
1942 Australia "Crest" 6 Pence (AU) $10
1943 Australia "Crest" 3 Pence (MS) $10
Great Britain 2010 Silver 2 Pounds Britannia KM-1134 NGC MS-69 $69
1882 Mexico GO SB 8 Reales AU55 $190
1888 Mexico ZS FZ 8 Reales AU55 $270
1896/1 Mexico GO/AS 8 Reales AU58 $280
1899 Mexico ZS FZ Un Peso AU58 $190
1934 New Zealand Florin "Kiwi Bird" (XF) $35
1943 New Zealand 6 Pence "Hula Bird" (MS) Die Crack $16
1941 New Zealand 6 Pence "Hula Bird" (AU) $15
1943 New Zealand "Crossed Patu" 3 Pence (AU) $6
1942 New Zealand "Crossed Patu" 3 Pence (AU) $6
1939 New Zealand "Crossed Patu" 3 Pence (XF) $4
1937 New Zealand "Crossed Patu" 3 Pence (VF) $4
1876 Seated Dime F $15
1926 Mercury Dime (XF/AU) $15
1916-D Barber Quarter (G) $8
1914-D Barber Quarter (VF) $50
1914 Barber Quarter (G) $8
1929-S Standing Liberty Quarter (XF/AU) $65
1930 Standing Liberty Quarter (F) $35
1876 Seated Liberty Quarter (G) $16
1976-S Kennedy Proof 40% Silver $5
1954 Franklin Half Dollar Bugs Bunny FS-401 PCGS MS-64 $95
1982 Washington Silver Half Commem $12
1936 Walking Half (F) $12
1936 Walking Half (F) #2 $12
1955 Unopened Flat Pack Proof Set $200
1956 Unopened Flat Pack Proof Set $140
1957 Gem Flat Pack Proof Set $75
1935 Daniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar *TONED PCGS Genuine Unc Details $160
1989-S Congress Bicentennial Silver Dollar NGC Proof-69 UC $40
2009 Abraham Lincoln Silver Proof Dollar w/Box&COA $40
2001-P Buffalo OH NGC PF69 $115
2001-D Buffalo MS69 NGC OH $110
2001-D Buffalo MS69 PCGS Secure $115 (3 Available
2012 America the Beautiful Silver 5 oz. Hawaii Volcanoes NP PCGS MS-69 DMPL $500
1879-S OH NGC MS65 $219
1888-O “hot lips” Wild West $64
Silver Eagles
1987 Proof Silver Eagle w/Box&COA $69
1987 Proof Silver Eagle w/Purple Velvet Case $63
1990 Proof Silver Eagle w/Purple Box No COA $63
1994 Silver Eagle Proof Blue Velvet Case & Box. No COA $100
1994 Proof Silver Eagle Purple Box&Case No Coa $100
1994 Silver Eagle Proof w/Box&COA $110
1998 Silver Eagle Proof No Box/COA $63
1999-P Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF69 $64
2001-W Proof Eagle PCGS Moy Signed PR69 $76
2002-W Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF69 $64
2003-W Proof Silver Eagle PCGS PR69 DCAM $69
2004-W Proof Silver Eagle in Capsule $63
2005-W Proof Eagle No Box/COA $63
2006-W Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF70 $85
2007-W $1 Silver Eagle Early Releases NGC Proof-70 UC $90
2011-W Silver Eagle Proof NGC PF69 25th Anniversary $63
2012-W Proof Silver Eagle Mercanti PCGS PR69 $84
2012 (S) Silver Eagle PCGS MS69 $37
2013-W Proof Silver Eagle ANACS PR70 $72
2013-W Enhanced & Rev Proof Silver Eagle Set $215 (2 available
2014-W Proof Silver Eagle in PCS Holder $64
2015-W $1 Silver Eagle First Releases NGC Proof-70 UC $85
2015-W Silver Eagle Proof NGC PF70 Fun Show Eagle Label $90
2015-W Proof Silver Eagle NGC FR PF70 Eagle Label $85
2018-W Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF70 $90
2018-S Proof Silver Eagle NGC SF Picture Core PF69 $74
2021-W Proof Silver Eagle PCGS FDOI PR69 35th Anniversary $100 (6 available
Casino Silver Strikes
1995 Foxwoods Casino Token "Boston Tea Party" Colonial Edition $23
The Orleans Casino Token "Dancing Aligator" Las Vegas, Nevada $23
1oz Silver Card $34ea (2 remaining
1929 Indian Gold Quarter Eagle NGC MS-63+ $680
2014-W Baseball Proof Hall of Fame Gold $5 PF-70 w/ Card $560
2019-W Platinum “Liberty” Eagle NGC PR-70 $1800
1864 Two-Cent Piece Large Motto LM RPD FS-1303 PCGS VF-25 BN $150
Come and Take Em Copper $3
2004 Keel Boat Nickel Set 5pc $12
2005 Ocean View Nickel Set 5pc $12
2001 US Proof Set $3
1979 Germany 2 Mark $3
1899 $1 Black Eagle (VF) Speelman/White X26533072A $200
SCARCE 1899 $1 Black Eagle Vernon/McClung X65460134 $690
1914 $10 Large Note White/Mellon B44615598B (XF) $250
Dansco Coin Albums
Dansco 7181 Album Silver Eagles (1986-2021) New Sealed $48 (2 available
Dansco 7178 Morgan Mint 1878-1890 New Sealed $55
Dansco 7179 Morgan Mint 1891-1921 New Sealed $55
========= Photograde
Photograde ‘70 hardcover $6
Photograde ‘74 soft $6
Photograde ‘88 $6
=== Payment Details
Shipping $4-$8
Venmo or Zelle preferred
PayPal Goods Services+3%
TDBank or ServiceCreditUnion Deposit
Postal Money order
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2021.11.29 17:43 Wolfkid20044 First time download

So few of my friends started playing this game afew years back i wanted to download it but i found my self getting this error "A Communication Error has occurred" with the code CR901004 so i just left the game there and got home and use the wifi to use it and it worked perfectly but since i arrive really late at home i just can't play the game so i uninstall it and forgot about it until recently wanted to play it again to get the same error message it seems the game wont run with my mobile data can someone help me?
TL;DR: Game gives "A Communication Error has occurred" Error Code CR901004
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2021.11.29 17:43 Responsible-Talk-898 Career confusion

I’m I’m 19 and thinking to do a degree in art or history or French as a backup while I really want to pursue acting the thing is there are shortages of jobs for teachers in Canada and that’s why I feel pressurized to do social work or psychology even though that’s not my passion I wnat to travel the world I feel so confused:((
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2021.11.29 17:43 Toppkat UK Marriage Visitor Visa

I booked an appointment for my biometrics at a USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) , but now I dont understand what i do from here, i have a UK Document checklist that must be signed at my appointment but they didnt do anything like that there. They just did my biometrics. Now I have 5 days to send all my stuff to the visa place in New York and the document isnt signed. What am i missing?
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2021.11.29 17:43 funnyflowers1321 This is some real black magic in my book. How is the nut undoing itself?

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2021.11.29 17:43 I_Breathe_To_Live 55 minute long match

I was using ger vamp and he was using d4c love train and I stayed alive my using life drain on the bomb clone,the only reason why the match ended was because I reset
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2021.11.29 17:43 PortlandCanna CannaAid CBD+D8 1000/1000mg tincture test result (FDACS)(.37% d9, lower than stated purity)

CannaAid CBD+D8 1000/1000mg tincture test result (FDACS)(.37% d9, lower than stated purity) submitted by PortlandCanna to delta8testing [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:43 LSARefugee The World's Largest Organism Is Slowly Being Eaten, Scientist Says

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2021.11.29 17:43 boffadeeez Has anyone sold their car to driveway.com?

I’m looking to sell my car and I checked trade in values with a few websites and driveway made the highest offer, but I’m concerned that they will lower the amount after taking my car or something like that. I was completely honest in the online evaluation form. I listed the 4 offers I got below for reference. Has anyone here gone through the process and received payment for the full amount?
37k carvana 44k carmax 47k vroom 50k driveway
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2021.11.29 17:43 Available-Medium9365 ITAP of a flower in the end of fall

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2021.11.29 17:43 Tazerzly Is a Kerbin-Duna Aldrin Cycler possible with the physics of KSP and is it feasible?

Hey guys, I’m doing a “realistic” playthrough of KSP where I’m not changing any physics or anything, but try to run the game like a real space agency would, with extreme cost prejudice and efficiency.
That being said I’ve had to do a lot of research into real world space effects to see what I can abuse in KSP. Stuff like the Oberth effect and generic gravity assists. Then I came across an Aldrin Cycler, the proposed earth mars transit system that uses rendevous’ with constantly transiting vessels to save on fuel. The eponymous Aldrin Cycler is expected to save up to 15% of fuel usages, so I want to know if such a thing could exist in KSP with lack of n-body physics and if it’s even worth trying thanks to the extra complexities I’d have to include? Any insight is greatly appreciated thanks guys!
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2021.11.29 17:43 bigdaddysquidward Distinguished sploot

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2021.11.29 17:43 Excellent-Ad-3056 New addition to the family. Carolina Dog?

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2021.11.29 17:43 billBANtBoggins 5312 IP phone - how to unlock/reset VM password to change message and listen to messages?

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2021.11.29 17:43 SfwEngineeringPoser Do NASA Pathway internships have end dates?

I’m still a little foggy on exactly how NASA Pathway internships work, so does anyone know if they have an end date? My TO for a position only lists the expected start date but no end date. It is my understanding that the internship may be extended while you are working if you are performing well, but how can you plan for this? I’m going to have to find housing which means I will be signing a sublease for X amount of time, but that “X amount of time” would be unknown if the internship may last anywhere from 3-12 months.
Also, I have to plan on where I am going to work in the summer (my internship is for this spring). If NASA would extend my offer I would probably like to continue to work there for the summer, but I also can’t count on them to extend my offer, so I need a backup plan for the summer. I have job offers for the summer but I am not sure if I should accept them because they might collide with the pathways internship.
On top of all of that, my school requires my internship to have an end date for me to be able to register for the co-op class for the spring.
So, does anyone know if Pathways is flexible with your end date? Ideally I would like to have a hard set end date, and then if they like me then I could just come back for another internship in the future, and then work somewhere else this summer. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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2021.11.29 17:43 Hefty-Leg4131 Bad Santa Token🎁- Presale tomorrow! Meet Bad Santa LIVE on video tonight & every day until Christmas for drinks & giveaways!🎄 Get on the nicelist (whitelist) now! 📝 Poocoin ads live! $25k Christmas Day giveaway! 🍻 Oh and there’s 7% busd rewards!

Bad Santa Token🎁- Presale tomorrow! Join Bad Santa LIVE on video call every day this December!🎄 Get on the nicelist (whitelist) now! 📝 Poocoin ads live now! 25 days straight of Advent Calendar giveaways 💵 $25k Christmas Day giveaway! 🍻 The biggest party of this Crypto Christmas period! Oh and there’s 7% busd rewards!

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Bad Santa couldn't give a fuck. He's just here to do what he loves most, get wasted and give out money!🎅🏻

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What else…
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Yea, it’s legit. This isn’t some bullshit. Bad Santa aint fucking around.
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Have multiple stacked wallets? Enter them. Santa doesn’t give a fuck.

For those degens wondering here’s the Tokenomics.

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Make Santa laugh and get instant WHITELIST for PRESALE

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https://twitter.com/badsantatoken 2000+
https://t.me/badsantatokenofficial 2500+
https://badsantatoken.com (https://badsantatoken.com/)
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2021.11.29 17:43 Sk0rchio What wood to use to build a new V birth

Hello everyone.
I'm looking to rebuild my V birth. I was trying to find information online about the types of wood modern boats are made from. I know Beneteau use something called Alpi, but what's is it? Seems very hard to find technical information on it. Can you work on it with normal wool working tools etc, where can you buy it.
I'm going to be building the framing and everything with ply but want to make it look as nice as possible and with modern materials.
My original idea was to build it all out of ply and use Di-Noc 3M architecture wrap but I'm not sure how this would hold up in a marine environment.
Kind regards
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2021.11.29 17:43 NakedJulia10 Doe ff

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2021.11.29 17:43 M0lly21 Huge holes 3 weeks post op I just rinsed my mouth now and like food and stuff is coming out of there. I couldn’t feel it until the stuff started coming out.

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2021.11.29 17:43 OffgridCab How to light a cigarette with just a water bottle

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2021.11.29 17:43 flamingorange1203 Xbox controller disconnecting while playing (wired)

Sorry for the mini rant the follows, but this is getting on me and this is what is happening.
So when I play rebirth island, I would have to at least 5 times re-insert the the wire for the controller to reconnect since it disconnects at complete random.
I have tried: multiple usb cables, updating the controller, and using a completely different Xbox.
Now admittedly, the little board on my main Xbox that the Wifi and controller would wirelessly connect to is missing, meaning that I have to use everything wired (which for the most part I don't mind)
But I tried an Xbox One that has all the parts to make it function properly intact and the controller still disconnects.
I have only noticed this happens mainly on Warzone, I have been playing a lot of FH5 lately and haven't had this happen once - hence why I am asking here.
BTW, the controller I am using is the Xbox Series controller on the Xbox one (versions OG and S)
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2021.11.29 17:43 TheDugEFresh LF: BD exclusives (emphasis on Elekid w/Electirizer If you have it) FT: 3-5 perfect IV Piplups and Turtwigs

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2021.11.29 17:43 Nohan07 Autonomie de la Guadeloupe : « Sébastien Lecornu cherche à faire diversion », affirme Victoire Jasmin

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2021.11.29 17:43 Hotelsarah1234 [Thank you] 😀😀 So cute and special Christmas cards Jvanct88 and catnatomy!! 🎅🎅😀😀

u/Jvanct88 awww 😀😀😀 postcards from across the globe!!! Thank you!! This is so special and beautiful! 😀😀 You covered ALL the bases, losing an Angela, my birthday, the craft fair, and Christmas! 😀😀🎅🎅 I love it! Thank you for thinking of me and sending some overseas love! ❤️❤️
u/catnatomy 😀😀 aww your card is so dang precious!!! If you were aiming for a gigantic smile, mission accomplished! The cute little glittery reindeer are adorable! 😀😀❤️❤️ Thank you for the snowflake stickers! I love it! 😀😀
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2021.11.29 17:43 ReviewEquivalent1266 Dr. Fauci IS the science!

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